10 Canadian Microsoft MVPs to watch: top Business Applications experts

What is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) and who can become one? Microsoft awards this title to technology experts who share their passion and knowledge with the community. In the Business Applications category, more than twenty of these MVPs work in Canada. We've put together a list of the top ten Canadian MVPs to watch.

What is an MVP?

MVPs are made up of a community of more than 4,000 Microsoft technology experts from around the world. Although not exhaustive, our list of Canadian MVPs includes some of the figures who are transforming the Microsoft ecosystem in the Business Applications category. Driven by an insatiable curiosity, these inspiring professionals are distinguished by their desire to help others in the business applications world. Whether it's presenting papers, creating informative content on social media, writing books, or empowering others in virtual communities, MVPs never cease to share their passion and knowledge. Would you like to grow your mastery of the Power Platform (Power Apps, Power BI, Power Automate, Power Virtual Agent)? Or are you looking to learn more about other applications like SharePoint or Microsoft Lists? If so, here are the names of passionate people that could accompany you on your business journey.

10 Canadian Microsoft MVPs

1. Scott Durow

Originally from the UK, Scott Durow recently moved to Canada. With excellent technical skills and a good understanding of business needs, this MVP manages to get the most out of Microsoft technologies while tailoring his approach to each individual situation. He is also one of the hosts of XRMToolCast, a popular podcast on tools for Microsoft's business application platform. Very involved, he is the author of the Ribbon Workbench (2011 and 2013), an open-source library for building Dynamics CRM/XRM solutions and a course on building custom applications with Dynamics 365.  

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Microsoft MVP, Business Applications: Since 2013 Based in: Gibsons, British Columbia Blog:  https://www.develop1.net/public/ LinkedIn: Scott Durow | LinkedIn Twitter: https://twitter.com/ScottDurow

2. Sarah Critchley

In addition to her book on how to administer and configure solutions with Dynamics 365 CE, this technical consultant and developer also writes for Forbes Business Development Council. Throughout her career, she has been involved in numerous implementations of Microsoft Dynamics solutions at various organizations. Today, Sarah Critchley is the Director of Strategy and Growth at Hitachi Solutions. And it is through her involvement in various community events, from local user groups to her role as a community reporter for Microsoft Ignite, that she helps people get the most out of Microsoft technologies.

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Microsoft MVP, Business Applications: Since 2017 Based in: Vancouver, British Columbia Blog: https://www.crmcat.co.uk/blog/category/customerservice/ LinkedIn:  Sarah Critchley | LinkedIn

3. Raphaël Pothin

Passionate about Power Platform and DevOps, Raphaël Pothin likes to "share his tips and discoveries related to his daily work". In addition to his articles posted on his website and blog, he is an analyst-programmer at Desjardins and is behind the Global Power Platform Bootcamp Paris initiative. He also co-created a Microsoft Dynamics 365 user group for Montrealers with  Igor Svhets and is involved in sharing his knowledge at public events such as the Scottish Summit.

Watch a video of Raphaël Pothin

Microsoft MVP, Business Applications: Since 2021 Based in: Montreal, Québec Blog: https://medium.com/rapha%C3%ABl-pothin LinkedIn: Raphael POTHIN | LinkedIn Twitter: https://twitter.com/RaphaelPothin

4. Rick McCutcheon

Rick McCutcheon is one of North America's leading authorities on sales productivity, CRM design and user adoption. With over 20 years of experience in the CRM world, he has worn many hats, from company founder to professional speaker. His Partner Talks interviews have been ranked by Forrester as one of the top 100 Best Channel Podcasts of 2021. In these discussions, he talks with the big names in the Microsoft community about all things Dynamics 365.

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Microsoft MVP, Business Applications: Since 2014Based in: Whitby, Ontario LinkedIn: Rick McCutcheon | LinkedIn Twitter: rick_mccutcheon (@rick_mccutcheon) / Twitter

5. Joe Unwin

A Solutions Architect at Hitachi Solutions, Joe Unwin enjoys learning and helping others by demystifying technical solutions for everyone. With over 10 years of experience in software development, he has grown in roles ranging from automation testing to software architect. Also known as FlowJoe, he regularly shares tips on his blog and YouTube channel to help guide others in learning about the Power Platform.

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Microsoft MVP, Business Applications : Since 2020 Based in : Vancouver, British Columbia LinkedIn: Joe Unwin (FlowJoe) | LinkedIn Blog: https://www.flowjoe.io/about/ Twitter: FlowJoe #PowerAutomate (@Flow_Joe_) / Twitter

6. Julien Miquel

Arriving from France in 2019, Julien Miquel has quickly adopted Montreal and has since invested himself in his role as a Power Platform functional architect on our team. His involvement as an IT specialist for the Soonma, which sells and rents scooters in Montreal, is just one example of his constant enthusiasm for helping people and the community. And it's in this context that he created a free dowloadable tool to integrate Shopify with Power Platform applications. This MVP contributes daily to the Microsoft community through his Guide Power Platform, a French blog dedicated to Microsoft communities. He also participates in frequent Microsoft conferences and shares tips on his YouTube channel.

Watch a video of Julien Miquel

Microsoft MVP, Business Applications: Since 2017 Based in: Montreal, Québec Blog: Guide Power Platform https://guidepowerplatform.com/index.php/a-propos/ LinkedIn: Julien Miquel

7. Victor Dantas

As a committed Power Platform community developer, Victor Dantas is involved in the PowerApps Portal Zero To Hero initiative, which encourages professionals to go further with Power Platform technologies. He is an ambassador of the Power Community and takes part in various events around the world, from Microsoft Ignite in Israel to Power Platform Saturday New York and the D365 Dubai Summit. This Canadian MVP is also involved as a mentor with the Ambassador 365 Mentorship Program.

Watch a video of Victor Dantas

Microsoft MVP, Business Applications: Since 2020 Based in: Calgary, Alberta Blog: https://www.dantas.ca/bloglist LinkedIn: (2) Victor Dantas | LinkedIn Twitter: https://twitter.com/dantaspower

8. Éric Sauvé

With over 20 years of experience in IT, Éric Sauvé combines an understanding of business needs with his technical experience as a developer. Very involved in the Dynamics 365 and Power Platform communities, this enthusiast likes to contribute to the community. Whether it's writing articles or giving informative presentations at various events, he excels at passing on his knowledge. As a Power Platform practice leader and Services Director on our team, he is also involved in coaching and encouraging our experts to share their knowledge. In 2019, he guided the 4 Canadian teams of the 2019 edition of the TDGi Global Hackathon for Education in our Montreal office.

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Microsoft MVP, Business Applications: Since 2020 Based in: Montreal, QC Blog: https://www.zepowerdiver.com LinkedIn: Éric Sauvé  | LinkedIn Twitter: https://twitter.com/ZePowerDiver

9. Nicholas Hayduk

Nicholas Hayduk is a solution architect, developer, licensed professional engineer, and the president of Engineered Code Consulting Inc. With such a deep skillset, he is actively involved in sharing knowledge with the community through the Engineered Code YouTube. In addition, each month he hosts a community call. These one-hour sessions are dedicated to the creation of portals on Power Platform.

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Microsoft MVP, Business Applications: Since 2019 Based in: Regina, Saskatchewan Blog: https://www.engineeredcode.com/blog LinkedIn: Nicholas Hayduk, P. Eng. | LinkedIn

10. Luc Labelle

Luc Labelle is a passionate IT and Microsoft specialist who is very involved in the Montreal community. As CEO for  Kabesa, he has years of experience on projects involving Sharepoint, Office 365 and Power BI. He is involved in various events, both as an organizer and as a speaker in Canada and abroad. He is also involved in leading the Montreal Enterprise Application Users Group.

Watch a video of Luc Labelle

Microsoft MVP, Business Applications: Since 2016 Based in: Montreal, Québec LinkedIn: Luc Labelle | LinkedIn Twitter: Luc Labelle (@Luc_Labelle) / Twitter

Canadian Microsoft MVPs Bonus: Other experts who deserve the title

All of these Canadian Microsoft MVPs are outstanding contributors to the business applications field. But there are also those who do not carry the title of MVP yet are no less involved in the Canadian landscape. That’s why we felt that this list should include other Microsoft experts to follow.

Nick Doelman

Based in Ottawa, Nick Doelman recently became a senior content developer at Microsoft. Sadly, this commitment no longer allowed him to hold the title of MVP, which he held for several years. While he may no longer be an MVP on paper, you can still benefit from his deep expertise on his blog and in his video presentations from meetings such as the Scottish Summit. He was also the Alpha Flight team leader at the 2019 TGI Global Hackathon, held in our offices.

David Rivard

Throughout his 20 years of experience in computer science, David Rivard has kept abreast of the latest technological developments. This Montrealer is an analyst programmer known for his high level of analytical, technical, and administrative skills. And while he excels at what he does, he also likes to pass his knowledge on to others. You can learn about the Power Plaform through his blog It Must Be Code, and you can follow his talks at various events and podcasts. He also likes to create tools for the community which anyone can take advantage of.

What's next?

You may know a few more names of Canadian Microsoft MVPs (and other experts!). We encourage you to refer to them to continue learning. In fact, following these professionals may also inspire you to share more of your own knowledge about Microsoft tools. And who knows, it could lead you to become an MVP as well!

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