3 simple ways using BI can change the customer experience

The quality of the customer experience is crucial in gaining the loyalty of your clients. However, many companies do not optimize their customer experience. According to a Forrester study made in 2015, nearly 40% of companies believe that improving their customer experience is one of the biggest CRM issues they face. A bad customer service does not have to be inevitable. Business intelligence (BI) helps analyze your data and enables you to offer a quality experience. This approach is more accessible nowadays than you might think.

Following our top 5 CRM obstacles that can be solved using business intelligence, this article will show you the 3 aspects on which BI helps to improve your customer experience.

3 factors that create a negative customer experience

Before we can improve the customer experience, we must first understand what causes a negative one. Here are 3 factors to watch out for:

1) A customer experience that is inconsistent

Do you offer a consistent customer experience? A lack of uniformity affects the quality. It varies according to the seller, the point of contact and even the product.

2) Poorly established roles and responsibilities between teams

Who is in charge of following up with a prospect? Is it the sales, marketing or technical support team? Uncertain boundaries could cause the prospect to be forgotten.

3) A lack of assessment for the customer experience

Does your CRM measure the quality of the customer experience? It often happens that the CRM does evaluate it but only partially. Even when all the data quantifying the customer experience is available, it is not always possible to quickly visualize it through a clear graphical representation.

3 ways of improving customer experience with BI

The modern business intelligence tools help to improve the customer experience. Here are 3 advantages which increase customer satisfaction:  

1- You'll have a clear visual of the customer experience

Having good business intelligence tools will allow you to have a clear visual of the customer experience sought by your different markets. You will be able to consult this information quickly via an effective display of charts.

In addition, you will more quickly identify non-standard clients who require a particular service. Once identified, you can easily customize their customer experience according to their expectations.

2- You'll help your marketing team offer a better customer experience

The digital age renders patience to be a rare virtue. A prospect sends you an email? The longer it takes for you to respond, the less chance you have of converting them into a qualified prospect since the quality of their customer experience will also be compromised.

Business intelligence will allow your marketing team to more easily identify the next steps to take with potential clients. By identifying all of the interactions, your prospects have with your company (text message, click on the newsletter, store visit), you can follow all of their interactions with you. It will then be easy for you to establish the best contact approach according to their specific needs.

3- You'll help your sales team offer a better customer experience

Just like your marketing team, your sales team must have quick knowledge of what prospects to prioritize. Calculating the number of days, it takes your sales team takes to follow up on the prospects identified by the marketing team, is a good way of improving the customer experience.

You will be able to measure the variability of the time lag between identifying a need and submitting an offer from one seller to another. You will then have to take steps towards making it consistent.

There are many other CRM obstacles that can be resolved by using good business intelligence tools. This will be the topic of our next article! Want to know more about business intelligence? A free caption of our webinar on overcoming 5 major CRM obstacles with business intelligence is now available online.[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JKDaIr2SgD8&t=2309s[/embed]Do not hesitate to contact one of our experts, who will be able to offer personalized advice. Remember to follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter for the latest updates!