Clélia Berguig : Mission Transformation

Modernizing local businesses? That's been Clélia Berguig's mission for over two years. In this Mission Transformation interview, Clélia tells us about a landmark project that she was proud to be part of.

Mission Transformation : The power of a functional architect

Along with her XRM Vision colleagues, Clélia Berguig develops and implements business solutions for companies in various sectors.Her mission? As a Dynamics 365 / Power Platform functional architect, Clélia Berguig creates customized solutions for our clients while respecting their application environment. This means that Clélia is the vital link between the client's professional demands and the solutions to implement.

5 questions for Clélia Berguig

1- How do you get the most out of XRM Vision?

Clélia Berguig– I like the XRM Vision environment, the people and, despite the difficult public health situation of the last two years, we’ve really focused on our well-being. And that's important to me.

2- Can you tell us about a Mission Transformation that changed people's lives?

C. B. – I can tell you about a transformation that I worked on last year. It was a project for a major Canadian airline, specifically for their environmental management team.

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3- What was the modernization challenge for this client?

C. B.– The team wanted to analyze the environmental impact of the waste collected on the airplanes and find solutions to encourage recycling. In fact, their work involves auditing several of the company's flights. They must go in the plane immediately after landing, collect all the waste, separate it by category and weigh it. The collected data is entered manually into a huge Excel table. There are a lot of formulas, references, etc. From there, they generate indicators, which they manually re-enter into Power BI. In the end, this allows them to indicate trends and improvements on a dashboard.The overall challenges were:

  • A large amount of manual data entry with high risk of error.
  • Excel files that are difficult to maintain.

4- So how did you change your clients’ lives?

C. B.– We built a Canvas application that they can access from a tablet. So now, they can do their audits on the airplanes by entering data directly into the interface. The data is then dumped into the Dataverse database. We also introduced a model-driven application to automatically manage all calculations that were originally done in Excel. So, finally, these calculation results are pushed automatically into Power BI. In this way, we were able to automate most of their processes.

5- How did your project impact the company’s environmental management team?

C. B. – I'm very proud of this assignment, as they now estimate that this digital transformation can boost their productivity by about 70%. This means they can focus on their real jobs, instead of data entry. Thank you, Clelia Berguig, for sharing your story with us. Congratulations on your commitment to positive change through technology!

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