InsideView Insights: 3 secrets to smarter sales

Are you a B2B business leader? If you are, you need to know how to expand your market and stand out from the competition. How can you stay on top of promising opportunities? There are a few available solutions that use real-time data to help close more sales. One solution that might work for you: InsideView Insights!

Who is your ideal customer? Where is your potential market? Do you have any common insights with your prospect? Information is the backbone of a successful sales team, but it takes time and effort to get all that data. With integrated real-time B2B data from InsideView Insights, you can do it all through Microsoft Dynamics 365.Here are 3 ways that you and your team can leverage InsideView Insights to search for and connect with top sales prospects.

1. Connect with the right prospects

With InsideView Insights, you connect to data from tens of millions of business profiles from around the globe. You can use different search filters to generate lists. For example, screen and target your prospects by the technology they use. You can also view consumers who are currently on the lookout for products like yours.

2. Engage current and potential clients

Another advantage: you'll get push notifications with the latest information about leads and customers. This means that you have timely information on hand that could motivate you to follow-up with clients or prospective clients. For example, you'll find indications of intent to purchase, management changes, relocation, or any other organizational transformations.

3. Leverage team efforts with support

This solution offers your salespeople better tools to work with. Sellers can chart their common relationships with leads directly from your CRM solution, without having to leave the office. And all data are centrally stored and synchronized in your Dynamics 365 application. The entire team can access the latest customer account data when interacting with clients. And the Insideview Insights team is on hand for user support and guidance.

InsideView Insights licences for the whole team!

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InsideView Insights… what's in it for you?

With InsideView and its 3 key features, you can make more sales more quickly. This cutting-edge solution seamlessly connects to your current tools through Dynamics 365 CRM. If you're interested in trying it out, we offer free licenses: contact us!

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