Julien Miquel : Mission Transformation

Transforming the daily lives of customers. This has been our expert Julien Miquel’s mission for more than 3 years as part of his work in our team. In this interview from the Mission Transformation series, this functional architect (and Business Apps MVP) talks about a project that he had an impact on within a pharmaceutical company.

Mission Transformation: The Impact of a Functional Architect

Since 2019, Julien Miquel has designed and participated in the implementation of solutions for organizations in various sectors with his colleagues from XRM Vision.His mission? Functional architects create solutions that harmonize with the business requirements of our customers while integrating into their application ecosystem. In other words, as part of his duties, Julien Miquel is the essential bridge between the business needs of our clients and the solutions to be implemented.

Julien Miquel: Interview on his Mission Transformation

1- What allows you to push your boundaries at XRM Vision?

Julien Miquel The part I enjoy the most about XRM Vision is the sharing and the good atmosphere. And it reminds me, specifically, of a time we were stuck in a snowstorm. We have a great time here and that’s what I like the most, beyond the excellent skills of all the consultants who work here.

2- Can you tell us about a project in which you changed the daily life of people?

In the past few months, I worked on a pretty cool project, which consisted of supporting several teams so that they could perform document validation between their teams. So, the main objective was to provide an application that allowed them to validate requests for events and to be able to complete these requests with documents as simply as possible.

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3- What was the element that the client wanted to modernize?

Their problem was that they worked a lot with paper files. They worked in several shifts, and they transferred handwritten documents to each other, which caused a lot of errors. In addition, there were a lot of instances where requests were simply lost and a lot of time was spent processing these requests and, of course, validating them.

4- What was your solution to have a positive impact on this client?

What I set up with the XRM Vision team is a way to replace the paper validation system with a digital system. So, we imagined a hybrid solution between a web application based on Microsoft 365 technologies and the storage of the digital document, as well as a digital validation system. It was all about replacing the physical documentary transition with a digital transition, put simply.So, technically, we designed a solution involving different Microsoft 365 platform technologies, namely the Power Platform – including Power Automate and Power Apps – and Sharepoint. In fact, the result is a web application, which is based on Power Apps. So, a Driven Application model, which is used to enter information. Power Automate allows us to generate the documents that will be stored on the digital library, which is Sharepoint. And for the validation system, Power Automate will send emails with different statuses, which will make it possible to validate (or not) the requests coming from our client’s different project teams.

5- And what was the impact of your project on the team?

Obviously, the advantages are that everything is digital, and storage is very simple for document management. It’s very easy to find signed, validated documents, etc. But above all, the huge advantage, and they told us this a few months after the launch, is the incredible amounts of time they now save on the processing and validation of the documentation. On average, we are talking about processing four times faster than with the paper version. Of course, they are very happy. And then, even today, it works on production, without too many issues. Thank you, Julien Miquel, for giving us an inside look on your daily life. Congratulations on your commitment to having a real positive impact on people's daily lives!

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