The story of CRM through my own interpretation of the facts! (Part three)

Here is the third and final part of the story of CRM through my own interpretation of the facts. Happy Reading!

Chapter 9: xRM

  • xRM is the capacity to use applications such as CRM as a conception platform for business solutions.
  • I have conceptualized as many xRM solutions as I have traditional CRM solutions.
  • The leverage we can obtain is a remarkable one. No other system can fulfill the void as easily and as economically as xRM.
  • xRM is certainly a considerable option regardless of the complexity of the task that needs to be supported.

Chapter 10: Cloud Computing

  • CRM is based on the capacity to externalize infrastructures while minimizing costs and accelerating the integration process.
  • Several CRM platforms now offer the possibility of membership. I am certain that you already know many of them and I do not need to point out which one I recommend!

Chapter 11: The social media

  • Though it did not exist a couple of years ago, the social media has become a true revolution. The launching of CRM created a trend but social media is a true craze.
  • The social media started as something intriguing and full of promises, this intriguing phenomenon now plays a crucial role in gaining and retaining clients.
  • The integration of the social media to CRM is a natural evolution.
  • Some believe that the sole purpose of the social media is to create a new form of communication. I personally believe that they serve a greater purpose. It is hard to predict which way this new craze will go, but many companies are reaping the benefits of the investments they made in social strategy.

Chapter 12: The gamification concept

  • The application of game elements and digital game design techniques in business settings.
  • An important component in the acceptance of new solutions.
  • A new and very popular tool in learning strategies.
  • The only thought that comes to mind while looking at the new versions of the CRM application, is the concept of gamification being the new “game changer”. These touch screen applications where you can touch and slide the picture of a salesman in order to add him to a pursuit team of opportunity.

What will be the next chapter in CRM’s evolution? Mobile access and multiplatform deliveries seem inevitable. Some speak of CRM evolving towards customer experience management CEM. Let us picture the future of CRM together:

  • Imagine a sales manager having the possibility of analyzing the pipeline of his sales all the while looking at his 3D television enabling him to explore a list of prospects while controlling his CRM using a similar technology as the Microsoft Kinect where just a few hand motions are required. Several medical softwares already have the benefits of these types of technologies.
  • Imagine having a link between your Google Glass and your CRM.

The floor is now yours, please, do not be shy! You can play the part of the futurologist and share your interpretation of the facts with me. Sylvain Tremblay

The story of CRM through my own interpretation of the facts. (Part three)