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What's it like working at XRM Vision?

XRM Vision is a Montréal based technology company, specializing in Microsoft-based business solutions. We work with a wide range of clients in both the private and public sectors and have experience working in many industries, including energy, education, healthcare, public policy, retail, engineering, and transportation. No matter the field, our goal is to understand the unique business needs of our clients and to find innovative and practical solutions to meet those needs on time and on budget.
Felix & Miltos, CEO (and future CEO)

Are we meant to work together?

As president and founder of XRM Vision, I have been getting up every day since 2008 to help people and organizations go further in achieving their goals through technology. I take my projects to heart and I like to surround myself with people who do the same.
Because people are at the heart of organizations, I try to understand how each person can grow and reach their full potential. I believe helping each person develop what is unique about them — what they do and love to do best — allows them to continually improve and fosters the best opportunities for success.
— Felix Robitaille, CEO

We pride ourselves on our growth mindset

Our depth of knowledge is why our clients trust us with their business so it’s important to be curious and committed to ongoing learning. We don’t expect you to know everything, but we do expect you to be willing and able to tackle problems you haven’t faced before.
We want people who are looking for long-term growth within a company, and we are willing to invest in the right people.
One thing I fundamentally believe in is the importance of diversity in organizations. Providing conditions for everyone to have families, being inclusive and breaking the glass ceilings that may exist is essential. It is very important for me to foster opportunities for everyone with equity. This diversity creates stronger and more innovative organizations.
— Felix Robitaille, CEO
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Flexible working hours
Because we know there’s more than work
Competitive pay
Because we value our employees
Professional growth
80 hours of training for every employee, per year
Group insurance & telemedicine
So you can take care of yourself and your family
Remote friendly
Since 2010
Bright, beautiful Montréal office
If working in person is your style
RRSP and DPSP matching
So you can plan for the future
In office snacks & beverages
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