18 moments from the 2019 XRM Vision Experience that no one will ever forget

For the second consecutive year, the XRM Vision team has come together for a unique experience. It is amidst the mountainous landscapes of the Eastern Townships, at the Centre de Villégiature Jouvence, that our tribe of experts got together from February 20 to 22.

Here are 18 magical moments of this adventure that we will not soon forget:

When it all started

That moment we discover the place that would be our new home for 2 days.

When we were inspired by the woman who achieved the impossible.

Do you remember Mylène Paquette, the first person in the Americas to row alone across the Atlantic? She shared with us this incredible human adventure, during which she surpassed the horizon of possibilities.

The time our CEO had a conversation with us about boxing

Yes, yes, our CEO Félix Robitaille stepped into a boxing ring (it was for coaching purposes that was part of the Parcours Innovation, but still!)

The moment we found presents under the Christmas tree

To encourage us in our healthy lifestyle, we received a beautiful sport’s t-shirt with the XRM Vision colors as well as two thermal bottles designed in Canada. One for each team member and the other one is for a loved one. We are now equipped for our marathons and for the next Bonneville Challenge!

Transformed into a change management workshop

Test the change concretely on oneself to better understand how to manage it? This is how our workshop on change management started! Can you see the change that has been made here?

Competing at the Winter Games

Snow equals teams! 1-2-3 Go!

Rediscovering the Omnikin balloon

Has it shrunk? It was a huge balloon when we were at school, wasn’t it?

When we overcame our fear of ridicule

A broom between your legs will bring you back to humility.

When the most beautiful choreography of winter gymnastics was created

The judges are all in agreement: 10!

The time has come to throw the first snowball…

There were even trenches.

…and to receive the first snowball!

“War, war, war, that is no reason to hurt one another!”

The time we became one with the snow

Snow bed > hotel bed

When the time came to warm ourselves up with a cocktail

There was no need for the famous Saint-Bernard dog wearing a barrel of strong alcohol around his neck to invigorate us from the cold. We made our own way to a 5 to 7 near the fireplace!

And that moment when red and black plaid was fashionable

We will remember our lumberjack themed evening! And a certain model of plaid shirt in particular…

The time when we were going to become foodies

Game puff pastry, salmon steak, duck confit, vino

And when the time came to acknowledge commitment

There are instances where the superhuman efforts of the lumberjacks of our tribe of experts are recognized!

Roasting marshmallows around the fire

♫ Imagine all the people… ♪ Living life in

peace… ♫

In other words, when we unleash the madness in us all together for two days!

The XRM 2019 Experience was an intense human adventure. We have strengthened our relationships and reflected on various corporate issues, to continue to be inspired year-round by our common objectives. Two great days that we will never forget.