Engage your customers

with Dynamics 365 CE

Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement has several powerful tools to ensure you’re properly tracking the needs of your customers and prospects. These applications work together to automate and expand your marketing opportunities, accelerate your sales, optimize your project management, and stay in touch with consumers. With Dynamics 365 CE, you’ll have all the tools and data you need to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Build long-term relationships with your customers

Give your organization a single, globally accessible location to store and access your customer and prospect data. This valuable information will help your team members organize their day. With analytics and predictions, your team will be equipped to determine the next action to take with each customer as well as your business.

Get all the functionality you need

By leveraging the right Microsoft technologies, you'll be able to deliver an exceptional experience to your customers. Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement offers several applications that integrate into one customized solution. Choose one or more of the features and get a solution that's designed specifically for your business reality.

Build on an efficient and flexible platform focused on your customers with a wide range of features

Predictive Analysis

Connect your salespeople to your customers and leads at the best time, in the right context, with eyes on their preferences. Build relationships with intelligent tools and relevant customer insights that help you retain customers and increase sales.

Business process automation

Engage with your customers in real time by creating targeted marketing campaigns that map a personalized journey across the right channels with relevant content.

Real-time advice thanks to artificial intelligence

Track your projects simultaneously with a 365-degree view of all your tasks, resources, and the latest news that can impact your business.

Data from different sources compiled

Help your agents close more incidents by giving them the right information to provide better service to your customers. You'll be able to handle all their types of requests with a system that allows you to prioritize and respond to them efficiently.

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