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We are one of the world’s leading Microsoft Partners made up of a diverse team of experts. With offices on both sides of the Atlantic, we strive to put humans first and improve lives.
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What is the XRM Vision?

Hi, I’m Felix

Having a positive impact on my clients, my employees, and my community is what gets me out of bed in the morning. When I founded XRM Vision in 2008, I saw the incredible potential of CRM to improve lives and I devoted myself entirely to it, investing exclusively in Microsoft technologies.

Today, we’ve built on our strong background in CRM to expand our expertise across a wide range of Microsoft products. While the technologies have changed since we started our journey, our mission remains the same: to bring business impact to every organization by leveraging the best features from across the Microsoft universe.

— Felix Robitaille, CEO

Our League of Experts

XRM Vision is made up of over 85 experts from a variety of backgrounds and skillsets. We have offices in Montreal, Victoria, Toronto, and Kenitra and we’re proud to serve our clients in 3 languages across 2 continents.

Our Philosophy

XRM Vision brings together the best experts in CRM, project and operations management, and application development around a single objective: to implement human-scale solutions adapted to financial, technical and industry-specific realities.

While we are a technology-based company, we believe we can only create real impact by understanding the needs of our customers and adapting the tools we have at our disposal — not the other way around.

We use the following leadership principles to guide our behaviour internally and with clients.
Always think customer
Celebrate accomplishments
Inspire trust with humility
Focus on actions and results
Decide bravely
Cultivate learning
Think big picture
Be human first

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