Our Methodology

An implementation based on your needs

We work with a wide range of clients in both the private and public sectors and have experience working in many industries, including:
Public Policy
No matter the field, our goal is to understand the unique business needs of our clients and to find innovative and practical solutions to meet those needs on time and on budget.

Many consultants brag about offering the best technologies but our focus has always been to find a methodology that keeps your business reality at the heart of the process. Technology only comes into play once your business needs have been understood.

After all, who wants to buy the best solution for someone else’s problem?
The Journey

We help you go from problem to solution to reality

We begin every engagement with a series of envisioning workshops focused on user experience.
This phase allows our clients to think big picture about challenges they are facing and to envision possible future states. Using expertise, research and design thinking, we work to deeply understand our client’s needs so we can uncover innovate solutions.
Once the project team has defined the problem and generated valuable ideas, we then work together to create a solution blueprint. This can include data models, wireframes, hi-fidelity mockups, prototypes, and any other documentation necessary to make our solution a reality.
Once fully architected and designed, our team of experts builds and tests your solution to ensure top quality.
Using agile software development practices, we take our blueprint and make the solution fully production ready. Depending on the project needs, this may involve a combination of backend configuration, front-end development, security modeling, data migration, integration and automation.
We strive to ensure reliability, security, and compliance, and our testing process plays a critical role. When it comes to performance, our focus is on defect prevention so we can deliver a seamless experience.
When it’s time to deploy the solution at your organization, we assist with any training, change management, and managed services needs.
Our multidisciplinary team of experts is able to provide customized support, training and change management consulting to help make the transition to your new solution as seamless as possible.
After your solution has been successfully deployed, our dedicated staff are able to provide proactive maintenance and incident management so that your team is freed up to do what they do best.
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