4 highlights of Extreme365 and the Community User Summit in Orlando

A few days ago, two major annual events for the Microsoft community overlapped in Orlando. From October 13 to 16, Extreme365 North America hosted Microsoft partners for 4 days of presentations on the latest developments in the Microsoft ecosystem. Then, from October 15 to 18, the User Group Summit North America invited users of the platform to four days of conferences and education.   This year, our architect Kim Mac Dermott, our business analyst Samuel Boulanger and our CEO Felix Robitaille are the ones who took the plunge for an intensive 4 days of training and teambuilding. Upon their return from these two unmissable events, our three representatives share their impressions with us:

1. Showcasing our solution at the hackathon

For the second year in a row, the XRM Vision team won the AI meets BizApp Hackaton at Extreme365! Congratulations to Kim Mac Dermott and Samuel Boulanger, who stood out for their solution!   On the first day, participants were challenged to test their knowledge of the Power Platform through a hackathon. They first attended an information session introducing them to Microsoft technologies in terms of artificial intelligence as a service. Once this session ended, they were then able to test their knowledge of Power Platform in the context of a hackathon, during which they had to solve one of their business problems using AI.  

“The information session was hosted by two experts to whom you could as anything. This allowed us to learn a tremendous number of things.”
-Samuel Boulanger

Kim Mac Dermot and Samuel Boulanger presenting their solution at the Hack-a-thon

2. The Q&A session with Microsoft

This session was an opportunity for all Microsoft partners to broaden their knowledge of the evolution of Microsoft Business Applications. Indeed, the event provided experts from each part of the platform. They could thus ask specific questions to the very people who are developing the platform. "It was a very pertinent session. The strategy around the Citizen Developer that goes through Power Platform is here to stay. It is strategic in the capacity of organizations to achieve concrete business results at an affordable cost and in a timely manner."

- Félix Robitaille

Another event taking place in the same location as the Q&A

3. The Microsoft Keynote during the summit opening

This session was also very informative! In addition to gathering partners around the table, users sent by companies also shared their opinions. This is advantageous for partners and users alike.

"I found it impressive that the companies were involved in the discussions. They shared what their experience was with using the application, but also what they had learned from the people who helped them with the implementation. What an enriching experience!"
- Kim Mac Dermott

User Group Summit North America

4. Strengthening ties and shared understanding

This week was also an opportunity to connect with colleagues and the community and exchange ideas.

"Kim and Félix and I talked a lot about strategy. Attending many conferences related to Microsoft Power Platform, while being with colleagues, allowed us to exchange and reflect together on possible innovations.”
- Samuel Boulanger

The team spent one evening at a party organized by Click Dimensions at Disneyland.

We look forward to next year!