Notice of appointment: 4 technical analysts have joined our team

XRM Vision has enjoyed a booming growth since the fall! In fact, our tribe of experts has almost doubled in recent months across several departments. We have welcomed 4 new technical analysts. Let us introduce them to you right away! Here are Jean-François Fortin, Nicolas Bastien, Alexandre Nanoglou and Myriam Le Jour:

Jean-François Fortin

Jean-François Fortin holds nearly 7 years of experience as a CRM consultant and has acquired several years of work experience within leading technology firms. Technology is undoubtedly the center of his interests; he has his bachelor’s degree in electronic engineering from ÉTS and his DEC in industrial informatics to prove this. In addition to his passion for the technologies that surround us, this curious man loves to enrich his spiritual life. His spare time is immersed in spiritual readings, some of which may date back several hundred years.

Nicolas Bastien

Before he even completed his bachelor's degree in software engineering in 2017, Nicolas Bastien already had 3 years of experience. In addition to having programmed in C#, Java, SQL and VB for several large Montreal companies, he also had a strong knowledge of Dynamics 365 before joining the team. And the word team also means game for Nicolas! As an amateur of team sports, Nicolas Bastien has already played football for the Cavaliers (Champlain College). And has participated in the games of the Delegation of Computer Competitions. It is his initiative that allowed our team to participated in an escape room game.

Escape room organised by Nicolas Bastien with our team.

Alexandre Nanoglou

Originally from the South of France, Alexandre Nanoglou crossed the Atlantic several years ago to settle here.  He holds a wide range of degrees in web programming, IT, project management and web marketing. Alexandre has also gathered 15 years of experience as a developer. Being a great music lover, Alexandre runs the concerts, in search of new sounds. But when summer comes, he sometimes misses the beaches of his native South... Fortunately, he found the ones under the Florida sun for his escapes to the sea!

Myriam Le Jour

When Myriam Le Jour joined the team, she was already familiar with the Dynamics 365 universe through her experience as a developer. A graduate in electronics technology, she is currently pursuing her studies at the Bachelor of Software Engineering level. This hockey enthusiast also loves music. Whether it is hip hop, classical music or even a happy fusion of the two (as in one of her favorite songs, Broken Sorrow by Nuttin' But Stringz), Myriam enjoys all rhythms. Moreover, her choice of instrument does not go unnoticed: she plays the drums! You now know Jean-François, Nicolas, Alexandre and Myriam a little better! Please join us in wishing them all the success they deserve in their new roles! Have you had the chance to meet our other colleagues who have arrived since the autumn? Read the appointment notices for our business analysts, product owners and brand ambassador!