Gala XRM Vision 2024: Celebrating Learning, Excellence, and Humanity

This year, we celebrated our talents from Morocco and Canada at two galas honoring our values of learning, excellence, and humanity. Let's reflect on these two evenings that concluded the eXperience 2024, respectively under the skies of Agadir and Playa del Carmen.

Gala XRM Vision: Morocco

In the midst of the paradisiacal landscapes of Agadir, our team at XRM Vision Morocco gathered. At the gala evening that closed this week in this seaside resort, our colleagues proudly wore traditional Moroccan attire. This evening, orchestrated by Adel Mabrouk, our Vice President of Managed Services and General Manager of XRM Vision Morocco, along with Lina Tariq, our HR mission manager, was a true moment of celebration and inspiration. Even our leaders, Félix Robitaille and Kim Mac Dermott, made the journey from Canada and embraced the Moroccan spirit by donning traditional attire to join this exceptional celebration.

I am human first

Technology is rapidly transforming our daily lives, and celebrating acts of compassion is more crucial than ever. That's why the "I am human first" award is at the heart of our human-centered corporate culture. The trio of finalists, including Salma Boueddine and Fatiha Chouja, shone in this category. But it was ultimately a third finalist, our IT manager, Adil Haddiji, who won this trophy. Our HR mission manager presented it to him in person and highlighted Adil's constant support for his colleagues:

"Whether in his role as IT support or in human aspects, Adil welcomes us with generosity," shared Lina Tariq. "He is always ready to lift the spirits of his colleagues in difficult times, to offer his help. That's Adil!"

Undeniably, thanks to his kindness and dedication to sharing his expertise with humility to help us, Adil fosters an environment where everyone feels valued and supported. He is a true inspiration to us all!

Adil Haddiji (left), winner of the I am human first category, alongside Adel Mabrouk

I cultivate learning

Next, it was the turn of colleagues who shine with their curiosity and inspire others to do the same, celebrated by the "I cultivate learning" category. Firstly, Mohamed Ali Anajae and Walid Barragoub were both nominated for their positive attitude and unwavering commitment to learning. Among the trio of chosen ones, it was Imene Amer Moussa who was honored for her continuous commitment to training. Our Academy Director, Kim Mac Dermott, presented her with this trophy and highlighted Imene's exceptional achievements:

"Imene distinguished herself by obtaining six certifications in 2023 and by her relentless quest for knowledge. Her example inspires each of us to continue our professional and personal development."

Because - do we need to specify? - obtaining six certifications in one year is an absolutely remarkable feat. The entire team was impressed by Imene's determination and energy expended to achieve such a level of excellence.

Imene Amer Moussa (right), winner of the I cultivate learning award, alongside Kim Marc Dermott

I always think customer

Placing the client at the heart of our actions is fundamental to the success of our projects, and that's what our "I always think customer" award celebrates. Our Solutions Architect, Abdellatif El Alami, presented the three finalists in this category, highlighting their exceptional commitment to customer satisfaction. Our expert emphasized, "Each of these individuals was nominated for their excellent customer feedback and exceptional service." Obviously, all three could have won this award, making the choice of the winner even more difficult. Abdellatif first congratulated a first finalist: Abdelilah Fadl-Allah. Indeed, this technical analyst consistently receives enthusiastic feedback from clients regarding his support for managed services. Abdellatif then congratulated Ahlam Jelti, our technical analyst, who has long distinguished herself with a specific client as an expert in Dynamics 365 solutions. This client's feedback is glowing towards her; they appreciate her so much that they constantly want to renew her contract.

Ultimately, Abdellatif announced that the winner was someone who is equally praised for their excellent work and positive feedback from clients, someone who stands out as a senior expert in CRM solution. Indeed, this expert combines sharp technical expertise with excellent interpersonal skills, and that person is, of course, Mouhieddine Belhouda. Congratulations to this exemplary professional, whose commitment to customer satisfaction is a cornerstone of our success.

Mouhieddine Belhouda (left), winner of the I always think customer award, alongside Abdellatif El Alami

Gala XRM Vision: Mexico

The Canadian team flew to Mexico for the eXperience 2024, near Cancun. Our HR partner Vanessa Raymond and our Director Vice President David Brochu orchestrated everything. This stay brought together colleagues from our offices across Canada, in addition to welcoming our expert Abdellatif El Alami from Morocco for the occasion. Hosted by David Brochu, the gala evening, which concluded this memorable week, brought us together to reward five of our colleagues who inspire us.

I focus on actions and results

Our Vice President of Delivery, Ann Marie Barhhill, took the mic to present the first category of the evening. It celebrated the importance of taking action while remaining focused on tangible results. With her usual respect, Ann Marie stated:

"Firstly, I want to say that it was almost impossible to think of three finalists. There were so many people who excelled... We truly appreciate each one of you."

After recognizing the excellence of Aurélie Le Guen and Naima Hammal, Ann Marie announced that the expert winning this honor was Jin Shi. Visibly touched as he received his trophy, this functional analyst warmly thanked his colleagues: "It's such a surprise for me... I don't know what to say... It means a lot to me. Thank you all."

Jin Shi(left), winner of the I focus on actions and results award, alongside Ann Marie Barnhill

I always think customer

Next, Michael Patrick, our Vice President of Business Solutions, stepped forward to introduce the second trophy: "One of the reasons the team is gathered tonight is that everyone in the company always thinks of the client. Indeed, it is thanks to the dedication and hard work of the entire team that we are able to maintain this customer-centric culture." Michael presented two finalists for this award due to their continuous efforts to ensure that everything is always done in the interest of the client. They were Rick Bojahra and Jean-François Lortie. Then Michael revealed the winner:

"And the winner of this award, who has been identified most often in surveys with our clients as being good and caring with them, is Julien Miquel." ‍

As he came to collect his award, Julien shared, with his usual complicity, that he was "a little moved." Our expert thanked the entire team, reminding them that he is not alone. "I want to thank Kim in particular," Julien added, "because you taught me that I have to have more confidence in all of you, and that's the case. Thank you."

Julien Miquel (left), winner of the I always think customer award, alongside Michael Patrick

I cultivate learning

While Julien had just thanked Kim Mac Dermott, it was precisely the turn of our Academy Director to take the microphone to present the next award: I Cultivate Learning. Kim first presented the importance of sharing knowledge within the company to grow together before revealing the name of the winner:

"In 2023, we had our first full year with the academy. This involves making sure we have people who will help our entire team and ensure that we excel in what you do. One of these people is Eric [Sauvé]. I don't know if you know, but he's a world-renowned speaker who devotes a lot of time to some of the resources we have here. The second person was an accomplice in this crazy idea we had to launch a cohort in Morocco, Abdellatif [El Alami]. And the third person is this amazing person who loves to have your help every month for tips and tricks. And the winner is... Leoza!"

Once with the microphone, Leoza Kabir Barker expressed her shyness before warmly thanking the audience. Our winner then made a request regarding the sustainability of the Tips and Tricks sessions she coordinates: "I want to emphasize that none of this would have been possible without your presence and monthly contributions, where you share your ideas, advice, and discoveries. That's why I strongly encourage you to continue, so that I can continue this mission. I am grateful to you!"

Leoza Kabir Barker (right), winner of the I cultivate learning award, alongside David Brochu (center) and Kim Mac Dermott (left)

I inspire trust with humility

Frédéric Manseau, our Vice President of Finance, stepped forward to present the three finalists for the "I inspire trust with humility" award:

"The first person in this category is a pillar of technical knowledge, of information sharing; he has evolved tremendously this year... that's Jean-Francois Fortin. The second person is able to present themselves to clients as someone who can truly inspire confidence by being close to them, by being capable of establishing a relationship with empathy, and that person... is Rami Abu-Awwad. The third is what we call 'an iron fist in a velvet glove,' someone who will always be transparent, someone who will be able to set things right, in front of clients, in front of staff, in front of me (because I have the privilege of working with her), and I'm talking about Nivedita. And the winner is Nivedita [Joshi]."
Nivedita Joshi (in the middle), winner of the I inspire trust with humility award, alongside David Brochu (on the right) and Frédéric Manseau (on the left).

I am human first

It was our President Félix Robitaille who had the honor of presenting the final award of the gala in Mexico. He first recalled the difficulty of determining the names of three finalists for the I am First and Foremost a Human Being award, as the entire team consists of remarkable humans. However, our president nonetheless presented the three colleagues celebrated for their humanity:

"The first nominated person is Annie Hardy. Our administrative assistant is always there for us, behind the scenes, ensuring that everyone has everything they need to be at their best for the clients. Thank you, Annie. The second, Daias Jose, is full of energy. This functional analyst is ready to inspire people to learn, to undertake difficult missions. And the last is our solutions architect and team lead, Alexandre Joussier. He's there, every client wants to work with him, every sales representative wants him on their projects. Sometimes, we have plans that could take 40 hours a week for Alex, and we have to figure out what to do! And he's always there, extremely humble: "Yes, I'll do the job." (Laughs) And the winner of this category is Annie Hardy."

In presenting this trophy to Annie, Félix highlighted her constant efforts as our team's administrative assistant. It's she who, in the background, always gives her 100% to ensure that every team member has everything they need to excel in their work.

Jin, Leoza, Annie, Nivedita, and Julien (from left to right), winners of the five awards presented at the XRM Vision Gala in Mexico.

Uniting for Excellence and Solidarity

By bringing our teams together at two remarkable gala evenings, XRM Vision celebrated not only professional achievements but also the human connections and exceptional commitment that characterize our global tribe. From Agadir to Playa del Carmen, these events were a testament to our collective determination to excel, to cultivate strong relationships, and to inspire one another. With gratitude for this dynamic community, we are proud to be part of a company where every voice counts and every success is celebrated.