24 moments from the 2020 XRM Vision Experience that no one will ever forget

A few days ago, our team came together to soak in the 2020 Experience. Far from the city, at the Jouvence, our fifty or so experts gathered among the snow-covered fir trees.

The goal? Discuss issues, forge new ties between tribe members and get inspired in the Eastern Townships for two days… or three!

Here are the 24 highlights of this adventure:

1- When it all started

Arrival: Wednesday evening on 4 February 2020. It is always exciting to discover your new home (or to go back to it).

2- When we got inspired by Félix

After a good night sleep at the chalet and a hearty breakfast, away we go! Félix Robitaille kick started the event by sharing his vision and gratitude with the team.

3- When the one who believed in the internet before the media spoke to us

Bruno Guglielminetti who is both a show host and podcast producer, believes that we must adapt to the changing technologies. He is in a good position to say this since he was first to discover the potential of the podcast before the word even existed.

4- That time when it was Camper’s Christmas

Everyone received hoodie jackets as gifts. Who says Camper’s Christmas is only in the summertime?

5- When the Key Performance Indicators mystery was unravelled

KPI… sounds familiar? Their secrets have been revealed by the workshops organized by Martin Vigeant and David Brochu.

6- That time when we played outside

Time to get your snow wear and mittens, the time has come to participate in the 12 (Winter) Labours of Hercules! Five teams made up of ten experts competed against one another.

7- When we almost lost our marbles

Balance is the important thing.

8- The time when we defied gravity

Is it possible to make a dozen nails levitate? Thankfully there is always someone who can outsmart the laws of gravity.

9- When we rediscovered the hula hoop

You have all made this infamous hoop spin around your hips. But have you already tried making it spin while holding hands with a group of people?

10- When we strengthened our team spirit

Taking on winter assignments in small teams is good for the soul. It allows you to collaborate with colleagues from other departments that you do not get a chance to see very often.

11- Snowball!

Where is a catapult when you need one?

12- When we became one with the immensity of the snow

Battling against the forces of nature is sometimes useless.

13- When we became Céline Dion

Composing and singing a song which includes the words “humans, happiness and CRM”:

14- When we became Steven Spielberg

Singing the joy of CRM with sparks may require some special effects.

15- When we warmed ourselves up to celebrate

After the cold, the tribe has gathered around the fireplace.

16- Time for the evening feast

On the menu: game puff pastry on a cranberry and raspberry coulis, duck leg confit with Madeira sauce, port and rosemary jelly, marinated salmon steak with lemon-lime sauce and maple herbs.

17- When we welcomed our new colleagues at the XRM Vision Gala

Hosted by David Brochu, the XRM Vision gala is now a tradition that complements the evening feast. The arrival of new colleagues was underlined. As well, older colleagues were recognized for their work anniversaries.

18- When we celebrated the commitment of our experts

Between services, we raised our glasses to all those who have stood out for their exceptional commitment to our clients this year.

19- The day we ran a hackathon with Power Apps

We will remember our Friday hackathon. Eight teams picked up business challenges and racked their brains to create an application solving each of them using Power Apps.

20- When the power outage added itself to the challenge

Power Apps > Power off

Teams continued the hackathon despite the lack of electricity.

21- When the biggest snowstorm hit the Estrie

How do we get back home in one piece?

22- That moment when we were offered one more night for our safety

Management reacted quickly for the safety of the team. Our executive booked one more night paid by XRM Vision at a nearby hotel, which was not affected by the power outage.  

23- Eating out of boxes

” ♪ St-Hubert, for the good taste. ♪ ” An old classic.

24- The beauty of the calm after the storm

It was Saturday morning that we hit the road again towards Montreal, for a safe return!    

See you next year!