Four reasons to talk to a Customer Success Manager to get the most of your technology projects

In 2018, XRM Vision set up a Customer Success Manager (CSM) position, held by Pierre Moreau. The CSM's key role is to advise clients to increase the success of IT solution implementation with users. But what exactly does a CSM do to help you? How can it be a key player in the success of your digital transformation? Here's a brief look at the CSM's role in the success of a technological project:

Improve user adoption

You can have the best IT solution, but if your employees don't use it, your company won't get the expected benefits. "I've been implementing new IT solutions for more than 20 years. What I see over and over again is that despite technological successes, user adoption is a recurring challenge in achieving business objectives," said Félix Robitaille, president of XRM Vision. Pierre Moreau, CSM, notes that human resources management is often neglected along the way: "Organizations put a lot of emphasis on the technological factor and very little on the human factor. "The CSM allows human issues related to change to be taken into consideration from the beginning of the project.

Reduce waste of time and money

Minimizing human issues in the implementation of a technology can have unfortunate consequences. "This situation leads to three problems: loss of time, loss of money and loss of focus on the organization's daily operations," describes Félix Robitaille. "The CSM contributes to the success of the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution by providing relevant advice to managers," summarizes Pierre Moreau. "He will also participate in various activities throughout the CRM implementation process, which of course includes change management."

Pierre Moreau, Customer Success Manager at XRM Vision

Multiply your chances of success by six

As a CSM, Pierre assists organizations in setting up workshops. Through them, organizations develop strategies that they are able to implement or that we can help implement. "The result is that companies that invest in change are 6 times more likely to achieve their objectives. With experience, we realize that customers who are just as concerned about the human factor as they are about the technological factor when implementing a CRM project can easily achieve the business objectives they had set for themselves, have a better return on investment (ROI) and are much more committed to the solution."

Make better choices throughout the process

With Pierre Moreau as CSM, we have an ongoing discussion with the organizations we help. Our clients make better choices to succeed in the new projects they undertake and the success rate improves. "This is why supporting our customers is at the heart of our projects and strategies," concludes Félix Robitaille. Would you like to know more about how to successfully complete your digital transformation? Contact us for advice on how to achieve your goals. In the meantime, watch our video on the role of the Customer Success Manager.