8 key steps for a successful digital transformation in your company

Sooner or later, every company must undergo a digital transformation if they want to stay in line with technological change. Despite all the efforts and investments to modernize their processes, some companies are unable to meet the new expectations of the market.How do you reach the anticipated results and adapt yourself to an increasingly technological future? If you have yet to launch your digital strategy, here are the 8 ingredients that will result in a successful digital transformation if they are blended together:

1. Everything begins with quality data

Business intelligence, Internet of things, artificial intelligence, predictive analysis … are all things that would not be possible without quality data. Having access to accurate and real-time data made available anywhere by centralization in a CRM will allow you to better control all your processes. You can for example, accurately predict your production needs, better target your customers and offer them the appropriate services.

2. Modernize your business model

Adapting your company to withstand the test of time, also means reinventing your business model by taking advantage of new technologies. The long-term impact is even greater than launching new products. To modernize your business model, think about ways to transform your products into services and adapt your sales processes to the digital market.Did you know that:

  • Consumers mostly remain loyal to the brands that have a business model they appreciate, this is true even when a better product is available.
  • It will be harder for your competitors to imitate your business model than it will be to recreate replicas of your most unused products.

3. Focus on customer experienceWhat is the main goal when modernizing your business model with digital technologies? Yes, these efforts are focused on providing an optimal and consistent experience for your customers which is accessible to them anytime, anywhere. We can never repeat this too often; your customer must be the center of your universe!Everything is focused on making their interactions with you more enjoyable:

  • Standardize ➤ Standardize your processes to ensure that the experience can be reproduced.
  • Reduce ➤ reduce procedures and steps to minimize delays, including automating as many repeatable actions as possible.
  • Give control ➤ Empower your customers, an example of this would be to create a self-service portal

4. Goodbye paper!

Many companies are digitizing much of their processes but continue to use paper for certain processes. It is not uncommon to see contracts being printed, signed and then re-digitized. This obviously delays the signing of the contract and may even be a deterrent for some prospects. The automation of these processes could enable a contract to be signed and concluded on the same day.

5. Be mobile

Being able to modify data while on the road and in real time, is crucial. What would you say for example if your salespeople could enter new data on the progress of a prospect while they are on the road? Once again, the time required to complete tasks will be reduced and more data accuracy will be ensured.

6. Reduce costs

It is true that, significant investments are required, at the beginning for a successful digital transformation. But in the end, all these efforts should allow you to reduce your costs! Automating your processes, switching to self-service mode and using predictive analysis of data collected by your CRM will save you time and money. If this is not the case, your digital strategy must be revised immediately!

7. Transition into self-service mode

This tool goes hand in hand with all the other points mentioned above! Implementing a self-service portal will enable you to be available immediately regardless of the time of day. An increasing number of customers enjoy having the ability of serving themselves, check the status of their order or do the entry of new data themselves. And as if it was not brilliant enough, you will also save on time and employees!

8. Try and fail quickly

Do not overthink the best ways of achieving your digital transformation. Be sure to test your ideas concretely and as fast as possible. There is no wrong in failing but it is preferable if it happens quickly. You will minimize the time wasted working on solutions that do not match your business.Combining these 8 elements with ongoing efforts, should result in a successful digital transformation!Curious to learn more about the best ways to succeed with your digital strategy? Do not hesitate to contact one of our experts, who can offer you personalized advice.

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