A few essential features of Dynamics 365 and theirs benefits

The choices of CRM systems have multiplied over the years. As shown in our previous article on how to choose the right CRM. The strategy behind what CRM to choose as well as your needs, will vary from one company to the next. Faced with these same choices, XRM Vision decided to specifically develop Dynamics 365 formerly known as Microsoft Dynamics as our choice of expertise. Why this choice? Because we believe that the versatility and performance provided by this solution offers an option that is adapted to the majority of companies especially for those anticipating a marked growth.Here are some of the features offered by Dynamics 365 that support our strategic choice and that have a positive impact on business processes of our clients.

What are the advantages of Dynamics 365 ?

Dynamics 365 is the only cloud-based solution that addresses all your CRM and ERP needs in one place. It is the only process that unifies the theme across all CRM applications, helping to implement a more streamlined sales process by integrating marketing, field services, self-service customer experience, PSAs, dashboards and reporting. Key benefits include

  • Easy to use and deploy
  • Full integration with Microsoft products
  • Reduced sales cycle
  • Improved customer service experience
  • Increased productivity

7 essential features of Dynamics 365

1) Sales insights

In my opinion, the ability to provide complete and intelligent information is the greatest attribute Dynamics 365 has to offer. The Relationship Insights feature analyzes a large amount of data from your CRM emphasizing on trends and opportunities for the development of your customer accounts. With the analytical algorithms offered by Dynamics 365, it is possible to receive the most relevant customer information at any given time.By analyzing your communications and activities, the assistant will guide you through your daily priorities and keep you in control of your opportunities.

2) Mobility

The complete dashboard offered by Dynamics 365 mobile makes this application particularly interesting. Unlike other solutions, the interface allows your representatives to access all their activities, leads and contacts when on the road.This application allows managers to receive real-time customer interactions alerts and gives them a complete overview of sales channels. This tool represents a crucial advantage for companies that tend to become unstructured by the efficiency gains it allows within teams that are more unfrequently found in the same workplace.

3) Connected to LinkedIn Sales Navigator

The integration between Dynamics 365 and LinkedIn, which has been acquired by Microsoft in 2016, allows you to access the LinkedIn profiles of your prospects directly from your CRM solution, in addition to documenting your InMails and other LinkedIn messages. These activities are then included in Dynamics 365 analytics allowing you to obtain key information and better target recommendations and prioritization of opportunities offered to your representatives.

4) Email integration with Outlook 365

The outlook 365 application allows your CRM to fully integrate with your Microsoft email management software. It allows access to all the information and opportunities linked to the specific contact you are sending an email to. The application also gives you access to email templates and attachments that are key to your sales activities. In addition to having the maximum tools at hand, your representatives are also supported when sending emails. This allows them to gain time while increasing efficiency in the number of messages that are sent.

5) Customer service dashboard

The customer service dashboard, allows managers to access the most urgent cases as well as the status of requests made. The hub presents the next steps to be taken providing an overview of the customer experience being offered by your company as well as the most obvious opportunities for improvement.

6) Activity log and connections to CRM

Considering the sensible information that your CRM can contain, an important added value offered by Dynamics 365, is the activity log which records and holds all the connections and actions that are carried out. This log can also be integrated with other security systems such as Microsoft OMS and Splunk preventing intrusion or fraud of your CRM.

7) Smart search feature

Finally, the smart search feature makes it possible to find information through all records, contacts, templates and stored opportunities. The intelligence behind the search engine makes it possible to find better and faster information, saving your teams a considerable amount of time.Since Dynamics 365 can support more than just one work and sales team, this feature also provides access to data that representatives might not know existed and that may be more pertinent than the ones they were originally searching.Needless to say, the features presented in this article are just a meager preview of all the features being offered by this microsoft Dynamics 365. They do however represent the principle that this tool stands out because of its intelligence and data analysis capability that Microsoft integrates into each module.In order to help you become more familiar with Dynamics 365, the next articles will focus on some of the more complex features this CRM has to offer such as Marketing Workflows and integration with Microsoft Office 365 suite. For more information, you can also contact one of our experts so they can make more personalized recommendations on the CRM that best suits your needs.