Full employment in Quebec: The recruitment strategies used by XRM Vision to address the shortage of skilled labour

The job market is booming in Quebec. With unemployment being only at 6%, this province is seeing its lowest rate in decades. While in 2010, the percentage of unemployed Quebecers was 8%, it dropped to 6% in 2017 and to 5.6% in 2018! For the first time in 30 years:

Changes in the unemployment rate of Quebec, Ontario, Canada and the United States, 1976–2017 (Source: Le Québec Économique)
Changes in the unemployment rate of Quebec, Ontario, Canada and the United States, 1976–2017 (Source: Le Québec Économique)

Can we discuss full employment; a threshold which allows all of those who want to work to do so? We certainly can! Job transitions inevitably bring a certain percentage of unemployment. Therefore, economists consider 6% to be the point where all human resources are filled to capacity in a Quebec situation.Full employment goes hand in hand with labour shortage. In addition, Quebec has been one of the best performing provinces in creating employment in recent years. This makes it hard for companies to fulfill their needs even for quality jobs.Which road leads to recruiting new talents? As a follow up on our recruitment mission at Journée Québec in Paris, we are presenting you with our strategies.

Context: Why is the Quebec unemployment rate so low?

Last year, Montreal went through a 3.5% economic growth. Companies all over Quebec are experiencing a phenomenal expansion period as well as digital transformation. For most of these companies, this growth comes with a greater need for skilled labour; the IT sector, which is one of the most affected. XRM Vision is no exception either; our company has grown exponentially and quickly. Whereas our team only had 5 employees three years ago, we now have no fewer than 35 talents working here today. And we are not done, our growth continues!

How to attract the best talents in a time of scarcity?

To sustain our rapid growth, we must recruit the best talent. However, a good number of them are already working with us. How to attract new talents? There are three available options: recruit from the competitor, train employees or hire internationally. Let us have a look at the viability each of these three options brings:

1. Recruit from the competitors

Would you poach employees from a company similar to yours? In addition to raising ethical questions, there is a major problem that comes with this practice. Enticing employees who are already satisfied with their working conditions elsewhere will result in higher wages in the same industry. This is not to the advantage of the economy.

2. Training employees

Another option is to train employees. This can include fresh out of school graduates or talented candidates who do not have all the required skills. This approach requires establishing methods that will allow these junior employees to grow and reach their full potential. In addition to training, it is important to ensure that guidance is available by ways of coaching and support from more experienced colleagues. XRM Vision is lucky to be in a position where taking this approach is a possibility. Having reached a significant number of employees that share similar expertise and ability of helping one another. A less experienced employee can grow in a team that shares their knowledge, especially when there are a variety of projects that enable them to put into practice the different skills required to develop their proficiency.

3. Recruiting internationally

At last the third option is to find your talent internationally. You must find candidates from other countries that are available for work and bring them to Quebec. They will then complement the mass of Quebec workers. Reflecting the recent Quebec policies encouraging immigration, this option will be increasingly preferred.

A few days ago, the Couillard government announced new measures to solve the labour shortage problem. His strategy is largely focused on immigration. He will for example facilitate the recruitment of international talent by greatly reducing the time required to obtain a Quebec selection certificate.

Recruiting talents internationally: XRM Vision at the Journées Québec in Paris

On May 26 and 27, XRM Vision flew to Paris to participate in the Journées Québec. During these 2 days, more than 100 Quebec companies met with European candidates. The goal was to recruit new talent from across of the Atlantic in an effort to address the shortage in Quebec.

In Numbers - Les Journées Québec à Paris
In Numbers - Les Journées Québec à Paris

Why are European talents drawn to working in Quebec?

The employment reality in Europe is completely different than the one in Quebec. Several countries or regions have an unemployment rate reaching up to 25% amongst the youngest workers. This creates a great interest in international mobility within this population. Europe also reaps the benefits of this mobility. On the one hand, it reduces the unemployment rate in the home country of the applicant. While bringing new knowledge and expertise to the home country in the event of a possible return. What motivates Europeans to cross the Atlantic Ocean? Here are some motives that were shared with us by the candidates we met at Journée Québec:

  1. Improve their quality of life ➤ It is easier to negotiate better working conditions in a situation where skilled labour is greatly needed.
  2. Reaching their full potential ➤ Hold positions that are closer to their interests and abilities.
  3. Enjoy more flexible structures ➤ Avoid established hierarchical structures that prevent the growth of candidates. Especially when the position for which a candidate is qualified is already being held by someone who is retiring in 5 or 10 years…
  4. Expand your cultural knowledge ➤ It is also an opportunity to discover other cultures and broaden your horizons!
XRM Vision meeting candidates at Les Journées Québec in Paris
XRM Vision meeting candidates at Les Journées Québec in Paris

Reach your full potential with XRM Vision

XRM Vision gives every individual the opportunity of reaching their full potential and diversifies its recruitment resources. Our team includes senior talents and more junior talents which we are helping grow. Above all, welcoming employees from different backgrounds allows us to broaden our perspective by changing our way of seeing opportunities. What takes place, is a true exchange of knowledge allowing us to have more impact for our employees and for our customers alike! Want to learn more on our approaches? Visit our Career section and do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your career opportunities within our beautiful team!