How YMCA improved employee retention and operational performance with our solution

For more than three decades, the YMCAs of Québec have offered a program of compensatory work. Citizens who do not have the means to pay their debts to the Court can benefit from this alternative. This program entails doing work for various organizations thus allowing citizens to reimburse their fine by getting involved in the community.   Through this program, the YMCAs continue to keep their commitment to "inspire and push each person to achieve, grow and contribute to their community". However, the tools used by the YMCAs were no longer adapted to the management of the Compensatory Work Program. In addition, the difficulties that resulted from these tools, had a negative impact on participants, employees and host organizations. Here is how our solution helped to deploy the full potential of this important program:  

Inadequate tools for program management

To manage the program, the YMCAs of Québec relied on paper documents, Excel files and Access. However, this combination of tools proved to be inefficient and increased the risk of data entry errors. Staff had to repeatedly and manually check the validity of information. In addition, these repetitive tasks generated frustration among employees and managers. As a result, employee retention was becoming an important issue for these teams.

Main Challenges Encountered:  

  • Staff dissatisfaction and high turnover rate  
  • Frequent errors that result in significant costs
  • Difficulty in efficiently processing information
  • Limited efficiency in meeting the real needs of partner organizations

A secure web portal

To address these issues, Art Campbell, Director of Community Initiatives at the YMCA, turned to XRM Vision. He asked us to create a secure web portal to manage the Compensatory Work Program.  

"Never in my career have I spoken so highly of a solution as to the one that we’re working on now, for the simple fact it is so tuned to the realities and the frustrations that our employees, our participants and our host organizations are living.”  - Art Campbell, Director of Community Initiatives, The YMCAs of Québec

A digital transformation on many levels

After having analyzed the reality and the needs of YMCAs, our experts targeted the priorities of the solution. In fact, the new system allowed them to do the following transformations:  

  • Improved employee satisfaction  
  • Visualization of the evolution of the participants  
  • Better follow-up for both participants and partner organizations  
  • Dashboard allowing to the involvement of the participants in real time
  • Automation of email and text message notifications to participants.  

Watch the video telling the story of the YMCAs of Québec's transformation: XRM Vision + YMCA

Results of the new solution

Thus, our solution has shaped the compensatory work program for three types of users. It now facilitates the daily lives of participants, YMCAs staff and partner organizations:

  • Increased ability to meet the needs of partners  
  • Reducing costs for the solution maintenance  
  • Acceleration of the time needed for members to investment  
  • Increased efficiency through reliable digital data capture  

XRM Vision enjoys helping organizations maximize their positive impact on society

Finally, XRM Vision is proud to have contributed to the full deployment of this important program needed by vulnerable communities. In fact, our team won the Living the Mission Award at the IMPACT Awards 2019 for its commitment to the YMCAs of Québec. To learn more, discover how the YMCAs of Québec have literally revolutionized their management of the Compensatory Work Program in the full case study.   Want to know how a powerful CRM solution can support your business growth? Contact one of our experts, who can offer you personalized advice.