Insurance Brokers: improve your relations with your clients

How to improve the address book of insurance brokers while using software that meets their needs? Here is XRM Vision's answer.

In this article, we will talk about 5 principles that will allow you to better retain and improve your relationship with your customers, which is a crucial step to improve your revenue.   We currently live in a world where digital technology and social media are omnipresent. Having said that, we live through a pandemic where most people are supposed to stay home. As a result, insurance brokers have to face a society impacted by increasing digitalization. Consumer behaviors, expectations and demands are changing all the time, and communication methods between clients and companies are being totally overturned.  Traditional methods such as Microsoft Excel or Access are becoming obsolete. Indeed, Digital Transformation is particularly recommended for insurance brokers.   A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system brings together all the tools designed to analyze the expectations of your leads. Thus, it builds loyalty and delivering products and services adapted to their needs. This solution can be used in the different departments in a collaborative and simultaneous way.  Nowadays, several CRMs are available for insurance brokers, but are they all worth considering? Many software packages offer the aesthetics and flexibility that a broker requires. However, do these solutions meet the expectations as far as leveraging contact management and business opportunity?  

1. Insurance brokers can now keep in touch with their customers:

Regular communication with your customers allows you to maintain close relationships with them, but also to better meet their expectations. It is also another way to keep track of the market and learn more about the latest trends in the industry.   You can provide a premium service with a CRM since the solution centralizes your customers and prospects data and all information related to them (purchases, behaviors, and conversations).   With TANDEM, it is now possible to manage your business opportunities and contacts on a single platform.   The TANDEM solution includes a subscription to Microsoft Dynamics 365. This allows you to perform follow-ups, manage customer relations and generate documents such as request for proposals (RFPs).

2. Create a personal and unique relation with your leads

By using a CRM, you can also send customised communications in order to build customer loyalty. Make your clients feel that they are important to you and that you are listening to their needs. With TANDEM, all email conversations are recorded via the Microsoft Outlook application. In fact, with only one click, you can save your emails and centralize all your information on the platform.   Not only do you synchronize all your tasks on the same solution, but in addition, you do not lose any important information about your customers. Thus, you can go back to your previous communications to remember everything you need to know about them. This is key to better qualify and improve your long-term relationships.  Last but not least, one of the undeniable advantages of a CRM lays on the collaborative work. Several agents can work simultaneously. Do you remember the time when some of your information got lost along the way and you had to call your client again for the same question he had answered previously? Well, put an end to it! With a CRM, all information is synchronized and centralized and any employee can now access the file and client information.  

3. Meet your lead's need at the right time - it's all about timing!

In a world where everything goes fast, where communication has never been easier, it is important to know your client well and the best time to reach out to him. If you get back to him/ her too early or too late, your client may think that you are not paying enough attention to what he is telling you, and therefore that you are neglecting him.   Determine the appropriate time to get back to him and create reminders to call him back when he expresses a need.   With the Outlook application, you can easily access your schedule and plan your appointments automatically. As a result, it will remind you of your next meetings, even if it is scheduled several months ahead.

Insurance brokers : set up appointments with your clients at the right time

4. Insurance brokers: Manage your customers' needs in real time

A customer relationship management system allows you to provide customised feedback to your customer using predefined email templates, which is ideal for frequently asked questions.   With TANDEM, save your time by creating email templates that you can use as a template for future questions you may have to deal with.    This allows you to answer almost instantly and notify the customer that his request is being processed. Centralize all your communications with your leads in one single place is now possible. Everything is saved and organised in different folders.

Insurance brokers : manage your customers' needs
Insurance brokers : provide customised feedback to your customers

5. Provide a service that meets your customers' needs as well as yours

Today's competition is tough, and your competitors provide a wide variety of solutions. Consequently, your customers feel overwhelmed. You may need a solution that meets your expectations in the group insurance brokerage industry. A system such as TANDEM includes several features to better optimize and qualify your business opportunities.   TANDEM features offer a better visibility on your sales and commission management, but also on customer service, policy management, etc. You know exactly what your customers is looking for and you can keep track of information and your relationships with your client at all time.

insurance brokers : Provide a service that meets your customers’ needs

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