Is your success built upon your employees?

By Félix Robitaille, President Too many companies see their growth being halted by the departure of their best business developer or a change in the sales team leadership.Often, the performance of a few sales representatives will allow you to exceed your company’s growth objectives. Behind the last statement, hides a major problem: Your company does not understand or have a good commend of the reasons why it is successful.We are talking about your sales process maturity model, a conversation that must be held while your sales are prospering.

Evaluate your risk

Take a few minutes to evaluate which of your company’s employees hold the secret to your growth.Ask yourselves the following questions:- Do all my employees follow the same work method?- Is this method documented? - Does my sales force have the advantage of using tools that are adapted to their work method?- Should our best sales representative leave our company, do we have a back up plan to quickly train his or her successor?- Is the entire sales force team documenting their ongoing sales efforts in a common area?- Are we periodically measuring and evaluating the success of each step in our sales process?Once you have answered these questions, you will be able to evaluate the risks that your company’s growth is facing.

Pinpoint your best practice

Is the success of your company built upon your employees? Observe, document and compare each of their individual working methods to pinpoint the most effective ones.Understanding the root of your success, is the first step towards grasping and repeating it.

Turn knowledge into practice

Use your observations to build processesDivide each process into different stages measuring the success that each of these stages will have.Ask your employees to join you in creating these processes. This will give them a bigger sense of commitment towards their roles and you will discover elements of their success that you might not have noticed in the past.

Give yourself the necessary tools for success

It is easier to build a process than it is to implement one. It will also be easier to standardise your team’s methods if you provide them with efficient work tools.Setting up a CRM that will reflect the new sales process will make the transition easier by reducing the work needed to document each sales effort.You will notice your team’s work becoming more optimal and standardised thus allowing you to adapt your process to their work methods. This process documentation, will serve as a model for current successes and for all future ones, it will also be an essential training tool for all new employees. The success of your sales should not be built upon the individuals responsible for your sales. Consider setting up processes and systems that will limit your risk and will become essential components in the success of your company.