Microsoft Changes: Gaining a better understanding of the new Unified Interface

Last October, Microsoft implemented several changes to improve its offer. Until now, many users are still scratching their heads to understand what these changes mean in concrete terms. We have prepared a series of articles to help you understand them.

In this blog post, you will find out what you need to know about the new Unified Interface:

What is the new Unified Interface?  

Before we go any further, we will answer this question which has been burning on the lips of everyone: What is this new Unified Interface? It is a new interface which was created for Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications. What makes this interface stand out, is that it provides you with the same visual experience regardless of your device.  It allows your user experience to be the same whether you are on a computer, tablet or smartphone.

What are the improvements?  

How do these changes affect your daily activities? This new interface will save you time and simplify your experience in many ways. You will no longer waste the time having to get familiar with new screens when switching from your computer to your mobile phone.  

Advantages of the Unified Interface:  

  • Similar experiences with forms to update and display your records
  • Performance and navigation improvements
  • Optimization of spaces and fields in forms
  • Interactive dashboards on all devices for viewing and browsing your data
  • Better user experience

What are the changes?  

What changes has there been with new Unified Interface since October? You will be happy to know that the Unified Interface offers an improved timeline view. Also, you will see that the new vertical layout is more versatile to adjust to different types of screens.  

Improved timeline  

New vertical layout  

Less than a year to make the leap

Do not forget that you have until October 1, 2020 to switch to this new interface. After this date, the classic interface will no longer be available. Until then, each new update will bring more features that will only be available on the new visualizations. In fact, all future updates are for the standard interface.

Of course, this change implies some configurations at the level of forms and tests related to process flows. We can assist you with this implementation.  

This concludes our overview of the changes to the new interface for Microsoft Dynamics 365   applications.  You can also learn more about the changes across all Microsoft applications in the other articles of this series. Find out more about changes to licenses, changes to Power Apps and Flow, and changes to API calls.  

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