Microsoft Dynamics 365 License Changes: What you need to know for your renewal

As of October, the announced changes for Microsoft Dynamics 365 licenses have been put into place. Customers who were licensed with the Customer Engagement Plan must now choose from a customized plan. If your organization licensed with the Customer Engagement Plan, you will need to take steps to move users to the Microsoft new license types. This will require significant attention if your renewal takes place in the coming weeks. Here is all the information you need to prepare your transition:

1. The new customized licensing system

If you use the Customer Engagement plan, you will now have to use the customized licenses to replace the old Customer Engagement Plan. The new model will enable your organization to use the applications it needs when necessary. Thus, when you renew, you will have to take a basic license. You will then have the option to add extensions to this license, depending on your needs. You can then remove or add extensions as your organization evolves, paving the way for greater agility. In short:

  • Customized licenses replace the Customer Engagement Plan, which is no longer available
  • These customers purchase a basic license and attachments if necessary.

2. Examples of customized combinations

With the new licensing model, you will need to ensure that you know the needs of your users in the different departments of your organization. The Dynamics 365 universe is a combination of CRM and ERP solutions used to facilitate business process management. There is an application designed to meet your needs and assist you in your daily life, among the CRM and ERP solutions that make up the Dynamics 365 universe:

  • Dynamics 365 Sales
  • Dynamics 365 Marketing
  • Dynamics 365 Customer Service
  • Dynamics 365 Field Service
  • Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation
  • Dynamics 365 Finance
  • Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management
  • Dynamics 365 Retail
  • Dynamics 365 Talent

Here are some examples of possible combinations being offered, depending on the needs of your users:

3. About customized licenses

If you were using the Customer Engagement Plan and now have to choose your new licenses for your renewal, consider the 3 following factors when renewing these licences:

  • Administrators can grant extension licenses provided that a user has one of the valid base licenses.
  • When purchasing multiple applications, the base license must be the highest cost license.
  • The Project Service Automation (PSA) application is only sold as a basic license.

4. No changes for the Team Members Licenses

Note that Team Members Licenses are not affected by the changes. You can continue to use them as before. Rates are $10.20 (CDN) per user per month.

Would you like assistance to make your transition? Contact our team, who can offer you personalized advice. For more information, you can also consult the Microsoft Licensing Guide: Dynamics 365 Licensing Guide Oct 2019.