New online tools; assess the maturity of your CRM and optimize your business practices.

Following the requests of many people, we are proud to announce the arrival of our CRM maturity assessment kit! We have created this set of tools to help companies improve their business practices and increase the success of their CRM implementations.

Tools built around our methodology

These tools that were designed by our experts are built around our methodology which is based on the Capability Maturity Matrix. You will recognize the approach followed by our team which includes identifying the progress of a company and propose the best solutions tailored to its specific situation. This methodology, which was introduced several times during conferences, and presented by our CEO, Félix Robitaille, notably at eXtreme365 (Dubrovnik, 2018) makes it possible to prioritize changes having immediate positive impacts on the activities performed by a company. It will also assess the readiness of the company in riding each wave of change.

2 tools to increase the success of your CRM implementations

  • An online diagnostic tool
  • An e-book: Learning to assess the maturity of your CRM processes-practical guide

An action plan at the tip of your fingers

Our online diagnostic tool will provide you with a general overview of your situation. In a few minutes you can:

  • Measure the efficiency level of your business practices (marketing, sales, customer services, etc.)
  • Get personalized advice
  • Understand the next steps to be taken
  • Maximize your chances of success