Notice of appointment: 5 new business analysts have joined our team

Since the fall, the XRM Vision team has been growing visibly! About fifteen new talents have joined our tribe of experts in recent months. As for business analysts, we had the pleasure of welcoming 5 new faces.  Without further ado, we are pleased to introduce:  

Olivier Pinette

Even before graduating from university, this McGill University Bachelor of Commerce student, who also recently obtained a Certificate in Functional Analysis (HEC), already had an enviable track record of experience and social implications. In turn VP Finance for an association at McGill and advisor in associative development in a 6-month international cooperation mandate in Senegal, Olivier Pinette has put his expertise in computer science and accounting to work for the community. Knowing he is a go-getter filled with curiosity, should we really have been surprised by the fact that this new XRMiens succeeded in completing 3 Microsoft certifications in just one week, after being hired?  

Naima Hammal

After 4 years of experience as a business analyst in Paris, Naima Hammal arrives on this side of the ocean with a lot of experience in customer relationship management. She holds a Master 1 in Marketing and CRM as well as a Master 2 in Data Mining and Customer Relations from the University of Montpellier, and also completed a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business Management at the University of Auvergne. In addition to her travels in various French-speaking cities, she is also an undisputed lover of traveling. Naima who loved Indonesia also dreams of climbing Machu Picchu!  

Gélin Champagne

With more than 20 years of experience in the IT sector, Gélin Champagne has built a solid reputation.  During his career, this empathetic and pragmatic manager has played the role of sales director, marketing director, web marketing director and marketing strategist. Given his multiple marketing skills (e-commerce, business development, business strategy, online marketing...) as well as his knowledge of business solutions, it is not surprising that he landed the role of CRM business analyst. And in his spare time, you could also see this country rock fan playing the role of guitarist!  

Alexandre Joussier

With a Master 2 in Information and Communication Technologies (HETIC), Alexandre Joussier is also a certified project management professional (PMP) with nearly 10 years of experience in the digital world.  Having recently traded the Eiffel Tower for the Stadium, he brings with him his experience as a project manager and his knowledge of the world of information technology and e-commerce. Both creative and pragmatic, he excels at transforming concepts into user experiences. In his spare time, this digital explorer is also an outdoor adventurer, who has reached many peaks around the world.  

Walter Hernandez

With more than 10 years of experience in IT and business process re-engineering (BPR) in both the public and private sectors, Walter Hernandez has developed an extensive expertise in systems development, especially in the production and implementation phases of Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power Apps and the SAP MM/WM ERP. His involvement and his ability to adapt to different environments, both technological and methodological, are the distinctive elements of his professional profile. An excellent communicator, he demonstrates great professionalism, analytical skills, autonomy and dynamism that are highly appreciated by his peers. And on Sundays, he is also a popular soccer player among his peers! We invite you to join us in wishing our 5 business analysts, Olivier, Gélin, Naima, Alexandre and Walter, the best of luck in their new endeavours!