What possibilities does artificial intelligence bring to Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE?

More and more companies are using the possibilities of artificial intelligence, which is progressing exponentially. Naturally, innovation and technology go hand in hand with Microsoft. Microsoft already offers several services, which allow the use and integration of artificial intelligence with Azure Cognitive Services. And thanks to its expertise, the tech giant has succeeded in making these services accessible within the Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement (CE) universe.     Microsoft are constantly expanding the possibilities they can offer and new artificial intelligence (AI) functions are added with each update. What new possibilities does AI offer you in these sectors? What can you accomplish with AI in Dynamics 365 CE? To better understand the scope of your new possibilities with AI, we are starting a series of articles on what AI can offer in terms of the Dynamics 365 CE ecosystem. The upcoming articles of this series will give you a more in-depth understanding of the possibilities AI can offer to 4 different sectors:

1. AI for Sales

By scanning data that is already available, AI for Sales will suggest appropriate actions to be taken. For example, AI can read your emails and analyze the text. The service then proposes actions to be taken. You will then be able to take better actions to nurture your prospects and maximize your sales.  

2. AI for Customer Service Insights

AI for Customer Service Insights  takes your data and compiles it in the form of dashboards. It also helps you to sort and organize your data according to criteria you define. This will allow you to make better decisions and improve customer satisfaction.

3. Market Insights

Market Insights allows you to respond more quickly to the most important conversations your customers will have on social networks. You will be able to classify their messages by detecting the subject matter and on how they are feeling.  

4. Customer Insights

Customer Insights allows you to unify your data from different sources to get a 365-degree view of your customers.  Each of these 4 services present different possibilities and use different forms of artificial intelligence. You will better understand each of these during our series, which will begin with a first article on AI for Sales. Stay on the lookout!   Would you like to know more about best practices to follow in order to optimize your CRM solution? Contact one of our experts, who can offer you personalized advice.  To stay on top of the latest news, follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter. This article was made possible by the expertise of our CRM business analyst Samuel Boulanger.