Project Management and Project Operations: A Practical Guide for the Growing Company

Project Management and Project Operations: A Practical Guide for the Growing Company

With more and more companies moving towards project-centric business models, project management has become one of the most fundamental aspects of the modern business landscape. The way a project is run has ripple effects across entire organizations, which is why effective project management is so critical to ensuring company success, profitability and sustainability.

Despite the immense importance of effective project management, many organizations struggle to address weaknesses in their processes, sometimes failing to see any problems at all. The first step towards growth and improvement is honest reflection. This guide is designed to help you assess the maturity of your project management efforts so you can identify areas for growth and ultimately strengthen your business.  

What are your project management capabilities?

It can be difficult, confusing, and overwhelming to assess your capabilities as a company. We define a capability as the ability of the organization to be able to consistently deliver on a required outcome. First, we think it’s important to start by breaking out your project management capabilities into key categories. This not only helps make the assessment more manageable but ensures that your analysis is accurate. Some companies are very strong in one area and weak in another, so it’s important to look at each area separately rather than trying to give yourself an overall grade. Below are some major categories to consider when beginning to think about your project management capabilities.

  • Project Execution
  • Portfolio Governance
  • Resource Management
  • Project Finance
  • Reporting
  • Collaboration

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