Representatives, let the use of a CRM increase your productivity

The implementation of a CRM solution brings obvious advantages for managers, it enables them to make decisions by providing readily available information at hand.  For a sales team, the real productivity gain of a tool like Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CRM) is at the level of the team members who use it daily.  But how can the use of a CRM double or even triple the productivity of your sales team?

Having all the information available at your fingertips

The importance of having complete and up to date information on hand during a sales approach can never be overemphasized. It is crucial for representatives who often work outside of the office, and need to move quickly from one file to another, to have quick access to documents and follow ups of an opportunity.CRMs now offer powerful mobile versions and provide you with a major advantage by giving you access to your sales information via your phone. This allows you to stay in control of your sales approach in seconds by having all your documents at hand. The consolidation and accessibility of documents become major advantages when they are combined with using the right kind of communication at the right time.

Choosing the ideal moment to aim at opportunity

While having a well-defined sales cycle is essential, we must also remember that each opportunity is a unique one. There is no point in contacting a prospect after the planned two weeks of a cycle, knowing that they must put all their efforts in closing an important deal for their company.You can avoid losing a considerable amount of time and making useless follow ups at the wrong moment by documenting your efforts and creating a follow up list. Furthermore, these tasks will remind you of opportunities that in time may have been lost or forgotten. Your knowledge of the file and right timing will give you an advantage over your competitors.

Encompassing the collaboration of the entire company

In addition to being a powerful organisation tool, a CRM also allows you to gain profits through the efforts made by the entirety of your colleagues. Knowing the call center services being offered to your client as well as knowing the hesitancies and needs expressed by your clients via another point of contact within your company, will give you the opportunity to develop a more suitable approach for the needs of you client. Your client will see you as a partner who understands their business reality rather than just another sales person trying to offer a solution that is irrelevant to their needs.Since you are the main beneficiary of your CRM, not only must you persevere in using it, you must also promote it to your colleagues.

Let workflows prevent you from duplicating your work

Creating sales and marketing workflows, as well as messaging templates, will significantly reduce the amount of time you spend doing follow-ups and allow you to focus on building strong relationships.Furthermore, it is possible to make these templates more efficient by optimizing them regularly. This will also increase their response rate in a considerable way. In short, your approaches will be faster to do, all the while bringing more sales.

Minimize administrative tasks

I do not know of a single salesperson who enjoys spending time producing reports and documenting their efforts. By automating most of the data entry, the seller must simply validate, check and sort out the collected information.  Your emails, calls and meetings are already linked to the right contacts, with the necessary documents. All that is left for you to do is work on the strategy that will convince your prospect and allow you to maintain a relationship with them. All you need to do to obtain a winning opportunity, is to enter your strategy into your CRM.This information automatically completes your activity reports by providing you with the data needed to improve and increase your sales figures by working more efficiently.In short, a CRM is a tool for collaboration, data collection and analysis essential for anyone working in sales and wishing to limit useless efforts all the while increasing their performance.Already convinced? If you are looking to implement or rectify your CRM solution, it will be a pleasure for our Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CRM) experts to discuss your needs and support you in implementing solutions that will increase your sales performance.