Team Managers: 6 Benefits of Approval Flows

Team managers, even today, unplanned absences are unavoidable in personnel management. However, poor tracking of unworked hours results in economic losses for the organization. Here are 6 benefits of Power Automate approval flows for your team management.

Issues with Outlook Calendars  

In most cases, when an employee wants to go on vacation, the human resources software allows them to register their requests through the employee portal. Afterwards, this request must be approved by the team manager. In fact, employees are responsible for updating their Outlook or Google calendars to indicate and absence. However, these tools are often misused. Indeed, employees can easily forget to enter their holidays on the platform. Or, users may omit to enter information that could have been beneficial to them and the rest of the company. In many situations, the manager may assign work or coordinate team planning. In these moments, the manager will look at the availability of the team in the respective calendars to organize workshops, and they will expect to see their available resources during the requested time slots. As such, if an employee is on vacation and it is not clearly indicated, this can lead to many problematic situations.

Power Automate: 6 Benefits for Team Managers

With a tool like Power Automate, which allows you to create automations, it is possible to create non-available for appointment slots that will be reserved for vacations and other holidays in the calendar.

Power Automate - automatisez vos processus
Power Automate

Here’s what you will gain when you create approval flows for your team management:

1. Team managers: say goodbye to duplicates.

By automating approval workflows, you prevent information from being entered twice by mistake. For example, it avoids the double entry of a vacation request on different platforms. No more problems with the flow of information for your work as team manager!

2. Eliminate useless tasks for your employees.

On the one hand, your employees will appreciate the independence that automation provides. On the other hand, you will reduce the tasks that have no added value.

3. See everything.  

By automating the calendar, you will have better visibility of each employee’s availability.

4. Make quicker decisions.

What’s more, there's another benefit to creating approval workflows for team management: you'll be able to plan with more confidence. Thus, you’ll facilitate the creation of various scenarios to make decisions related to absenteeism.

5. Manage your time better and that of your manager-colleagues.

In fact, you will equip managers to better manage their teams’ time.

6. Enjoy seamless communications.

Finally, you’ll improve communications in the process of requesting and approving absence or vacation requests across the different hierarchical levels and departments. In short, facilitate your team management through automation! Be sharper than your colleagues: set up a Power Automate application. By adopting approval flows, you will:

  • Better organize vacation requests;
  • Eliminate friction within your team;
  • Automate common tasks;
  • Save time!

Do you have other persistent management issues, or are there new issues coming to light? Have you thought about creating your own simple and intuitive applications for your management? If you’d like to take Power Automate one step further, sign up for our next App in a Day!

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