The incredible adventure of Charlotte M. Debunne

Charlotte M. Debunne is not afraid of challenges. Our Director of Employee Success is embarking on a challenging cross-country skiing trip across Greenland. She will be skiing on her own for nearly 3 weeks, she will be hauling her own luggage across this huge island which floats between the Artic and the Atlantic, it is also the second largest mass of ice in the world.

During these 17 days of polar adventure at minus 20 degrees, there is no time for rest. No turning back for remorseful travellers! And the reason for this is that there are no roads that link the 5 municipalities of Greenland! Our adventurous skier will therefore be forced to continue skiing through majestic white mountains, icebergs and polar bears.  

Careful day-to-day preparation

Rest assured: this is not her first extraordinary adventure. This daring 30-year-old knows the importance of being well prepared! And has been training diligently for this extreme sporting challenge over the past few months, all the while reconciling her various occupations:

“I’m not necessarily what you would call an assiduous sportswoman. But my employer supported me in making time in my schedule to train. I was even given the chance to break in my ski boots at work! »

– Charlotte

Charlotte will be well equipped
Charlotte will be well equipped

Disconnected from everything

How much time can you spend without your cell phone? For many, being away from it is a source of anguish (there is even a term for this fear: nomophobia!). This isolation is also one of the challenges Charlotte will face, as she will not have access to telecommunications during her journey. This adds a rare dimension of recollection and reconnection to this expedition with a rare dimension of recollection and reconnection … with the wilderness and vastness!  

“I will be disconnected from everything, with no access to my emails for almost 3 weeks! But I know I can leave with a clear conscience. As I know that I am supported by my colleagues.”


Surpassing yourself as one of our team values

XRM Vision views supporting employees as something that goes beyond creating a work and family balance with flexible hours and the opportunity to work from home. It also means supporting them in their projects to surpass themselves.

“I am happy to be working for a company that offers flexibility and autonomy. More than that it is also a company that inspires you in wanting to push yourself. XRM Vision gives me the temporal, but also mental means to surpass myself by accomplishing a challenge that requires a lot of endurance.”


If our Director of Employee Success feels inspired by our team values, she inspires us a thousand times more! As we count the days before the sun comes out, we invite you to join us in wishing Charlotte an extraordinary adventure, during which she will continue to surpass herself and inspire us!