The XRM Vision team on offsite mode for two successful days!

Thousands of companies around the world invite their employees to participate in offsite getaways. This gives the team a gathering place that is outside of the office and its routine. They discuss strategic issues surrounded by magnificent scenery. It is also an opportunity to thank all the members of a work team for their continued efforts.It is with this idea in mind that XRM Vision has gathered its team to live an extraordinary eco-resort experience. We spent the 1st and 2nd of February gathered together to reflect on customer experience. This was done in a country side setting located in the middle of sumptuous landscapes

Our arrival at the green hostel

New collaborations in unusual contexts

We encouraged each individual to share their ideas. Colleagues working in far away departments worked together in small groups focused on problem solving but in a more playful context. This trip was a great opportunity to build relationships.In this instant, the brainstorming activity made possible by assembling Lego blocks was an opportunity to reflect on the customer experience in a playful setting. Everyone could express their creativity, this was one of the team’s favorites.

Brainstorming activity made possible by assembling Lego blocks

The month of February started off great for the XRM Vision team!We are looking forward to the next offsite!