What you need to know about the new Dynamics 365 - Customer Engagement

The new Dynamics 365 has arrived! If you are a Microsoft Dynamics CRM online user, be ready for the incoming change of interface. You may have heard the terms "Common Data Model," "Common Data Service," "PowerApps" or "Unified Interface" before. But as a CRM user, what does this new interface bring you? Microsoft offers a new and improved interface that adapts to the browser on your computer, tablet or phone. With this interface, Microsoft is making a shift for all its new applications (e.g. Microsoft Dynamics Marketing). It is recommended to use it when implementing the "Customer Engagement" module. What does this new interface look like? What changes are to be expected? Here are some of the main changes that await you:

1. The overview of activities using the Timeline

A new feature called the Timeline is available. This replaces the activity and note view from the recordings:

Screenshot of activities through the Timeline

A comparison with the old interface:

Screenshot of activities overview from the old interface

2. New look and functionalities for the business process interface

The business process interface has a new look. New features also allow users to focus on their current tasks:

New look and functionality for the business process interfaceIn comparison to the old interface:

The old interface of the business process

3. Faster access to features

The application navigation has also been modified. The menu has been moved to provide quick access to features. It is revamped to meet the display needs on the different platforms where the application can be used.

Menu from the new interface

Menu from the new interface

4. How to access this new interface?

Microsoft offers these applications from this address: https://home.dynamics.com/. It is possible to choose the interface you want to use by selecting the application ending with "Hub”

Access to applications

5. The 4 most frequently asked questions

Several people have asked us about the new interface. Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions:

➤ Is it possible to use this interface right now?  

Yes. However, it is necessary to first test the features you are using on the new interface. If you have customizations that are specific to your company, adjustments may be required.

➤ Does the interface replace the mobile application?  

Depending on the functionality of the application you are using, the interface can replace the application. It can be tested by accessing the CRM URL via your phone, no application is required.  

➤ Are there any behavioural changes to be expected?  

We have noticed that some features are not yet fully migrated to the new interface. Thus, the experiment is currently a hybrid between the old and new forms. However, adjustments are made periodically.  

➤ How do I make the leap?  

To complete the leap to the Unified Interface, simply tick a selection in the administration.  IMPORTANT: Validation and pre-training are important, as no rollback methods are available.  

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