Why pursue a career in technology? The perspectives of our 11 female experts

Women only represent 20% of the team when it comes to the field of information technology. However, this field offers many career opportunities that go beyond developer positions.

To highlight International Women’s Rights Day, we have asked 11 of our women experts each with their own unique background, to explain to us what it is that drives them every day to succeed in the information technology sector.

1. Because it allows me to stay true to my values

“Initially, it was not the IT world itself that appealed to me it was rather the company where I chose to work. It was the company culture and philosophy that lit the first spark in me. Companies that work in the IT field, have a way of transparently displaying their values therefore making it easy for us to know whether or not we identify with these values. It is essential for me to work in a place that promotes the development of human potential. My work requires me to regularly reflect on how to ensure that I create a work environment where everyone feels good as well as a place where everyone can come together and reach their full potential.”

— Anne-Claire Oger, Brand Ambassador and Recruiter

2. Because of the supportive and helpful community that surrounds me

“Although I studied in IT, I did not necessarily see myself working with CRM. I had the opportunity to start my career in CRM by working with the best in Montreal. I also fell in love with Microsoft CRM and especially the people I met; they were fantastic. These people who are still in my life today, have over the years been mentors to me.

— Kim Mac Dermott, Director, Consulting Services

3. Because IT is founded on change

Change is what attracted me to IT. As a project manager, each project is new and comes with its own set of challenges and obstacles, making each solution unique. This is even more true when it comes to IT projects where everything is very fast past. I am never bored.”

— Mélanie Borde, Project Manager

4. Because I can help others

I wake up each day with the feeling that I am helping others. My work entails listening to the needs of other people. As a team, we use all of the resources we have to find the best solution that will allow us to improve their daily lives. It is very motivating to see that we are making concrete improvements in the lives of people.

— Dominique Roger, Functional Architect

5. Because it brings diversity to my daily life

Working for an IT company has allowed me to learn more about technologies, even if I do not have a developer position. My work allows me to use my different skills (in technology or not) while participating in various business projects. There is something new every week: my tasks can include coordinating as much as they can include updating the website, translating texts, filming conferences, or simply looking for new ways to improve the daily work environment. My weeks are never the same and it is very stimulating.”

— Gacia Demirdjian, Executive Assistant

6. Because working from home allows me to succeed

“Working from home has allowed me to truly reconcile my family and professional life. It allowed me to finally go further and get more involved in my career path all the while being there for my family when needed.”

Nathalie Lanthier, Business Analyst

7. Because I am constantly encouraged to learn

“I love learning, training and acquiring new skills. As I am constantly pushed to learn and surpass myself in my work, my thirst for new knowledge is constantly quenched. Working in IT also means using state-of-the-art tools and adapting to industries in constant transformation. This makes it essential for me to regularly learn new skills and I love it.”

— Valérie Durand, Product Owner

8. Because the number of people I get to meet with is multiplying

“I get in touch with new people on a regular basis. Each time I discover interesting and interested people, it is very inspiring. The nature of my position, which requires me to be a driving force behind the team and the project, allows me to be at the centre of these meetings.”

Maude Gautier, Director, Consulting Services

9. Because the industries I work in change every day

“What makes my work incredible, is that I find myself working in a different industry every day for my projects. Today, I was working in fashion, tomorrow I will work on a portal for customers to implement software for public transport. I touch on a wide variety of subjects. I change my field of business on a daily basis.”

— Marie-Claude Roy, Solution Architect

10. Because we are given the necessary tools to succeed

“What I like about IT, is that it gives you the opportunity to be bold, to test and go off the beaten path. We have the resources to carry out projects which gives us a lot of leeway and freedom in our actions. I always have the opportunity of asking myself how I can be better at my job since I know the company will always be supportive of me.”

— Patricia Rivas, Copywriter

11. Because I work with people who are aware of their own power of action

“Every day, I meet people who are committed to working in a healthy environment with the latest, state-of-the-art tools. They have a real desire to make their mark on their colleagues and their work environment. There is nothing like working with people who are aware of themselves and their power of action.”

—Charlotte M. Debunne, Director of Employee Success

Anne-Claire Oger, Kim Mac Dermott, Mélanie Borde, Dominique Roger, Gacia Demirdjian, Nathalie Lanthier, Valérie Durand, Maude Gautier, Marie-Claude Roy, Patricia Rivas and Charlotte M. Debunne hold various positions at XRM Vision. Each of their paths is unique.