Why use business intelligence?

Simply put, Business intelligence (BI) uses software and services to transform data into actionable insights. These insights provide the basis for strategic business decisions.

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We offer CRM and project management tools rooted in cutting-edge technologies so you can make data-driven decisions.

What is Business Intelligence (BI)?

The technology and tactics used to monitor, assess, and contrast data analytics are collectively referred to as business intelligence. This is possible through CRM implementation that monitors and targets key internal processes such as sales, customer support and project management. BI strategy provides a clear picture of current metrics to empower businesses in future decisions and refine internal processes. Don’t leave things up to chance, base important decisions on data and facts!

What are the benefits of using business intelligence?

1- Obtaining new consumer information

Business intelligence tools can significantly impact customer experience.

By establishing BI tools that track various departments of your organization, you can gather data analysis on the customer behavior and further personalize and refine your processes.

XRM Vision uses Microsoft Dynamics 365 and other powerful tools to create tailored solutions for your needs and goals.

With companies in a wide range of sectors, XRM Vision can support your marketing, sales, finance or customer service needs.

2- Improvement of visibility

Why use business intelligence? To prevent significant issues from arising by obtaining frequent customized reports. Access to data is critical in maintaining all business departments and ensuring customer satisfaction. Understanding your current positioning is also essential for increased performance and growth.

3- Time-based data

Our time-based data is safe, accurate and consistent. We ensure the data is prepared, organized and easily digested for your complete analysis. Your reports will include KPIs and relevant metrics to help you make the best decisions and track your progress through different quarters.

Our reports include predictive analytics and in-depth data on your current processes and strategies. Keeping the pulse on your performance allows for quick pivots in your internal departments and better cohesion between your systems and your goals.

4- Strategic advantage

BI solutions have many competitive advantages, one of the biggest being its strategic advantage. Defining your edge starts by identifying your current positioning in your industry. We can only improve what we measure. Investing in BI platform is a great way to stay ahead of the curve and never miss potential business opportunities.

5- Customized experience

At XRM Vision, we go above and beyond. Our experts comprehensively analyze your current business analytics and offer insight and strategies to reach your targets and goals.

XRM Vision provides tailor-made solutions for all your needs and a team readily available for your ongoing support and assistance! You can find out more about the benefits and challenges of BI through this article.

The future role of business intelligence in your company

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