How Centris improved employee retention and customer satisfaction with our solution

Over the past decade, there have been many new technologies which have revolutionized our daily lives. Sooner or later, companies will need to modernise themselves in order to stay competitive and satisfy the changing behaviour of consumers. In fact, this is even more true for compagnies offering technological tools. This reality rang true for Centris, who we had the pleasure of accompanying in their digital transformation. As a matter of fact, this company which offers the most extensive range of services and applications to Quebec’s real estate industry, has radically modernized their processes. As a result, Centris has increased their productivity and offer greater value to their clients. Overview of this digital transformation:

Specialized in services to real estate agents

Have you ever been online to shop for a property? If so, chances are you have already visited But Centris offers many other services. On a broader scale, this technology company specializes in providing state of the art services and applications to all brokers of Quebec. As a matter of fact, Centris provides over twenty tools to 13000 real estate professionals throughout the province. These services and software allow real estate professionals to create reports and sign forms electronically.  

An obsolete system and difficult data management

What was the situation at Centris? The initial concern that preoccupied their team, was that the management system had become obsolete. Unchanged for 10 years, this system was unable to adapt to the growing needs of the company. For example, several data changes for instance had to be made manually and this added to the administrative burden. In addition to irritating employees, this increased the risk of making errors and made information management a difficult task. Therefore, Centris had the following goals in mind:

  • Modify the structure of applications adapting them to the new reality of the business
  • Improve the overall view of its activities and services
  • Centralize information to improve the services of the support center
  • Reduce the time dedicated to administrative tasks
  • Lower the risk of making mistakes in data entry
  • Migrate towards Microsoft Dynamics 365 and shift over to the cloud

A solution designed by XRM Vision

XRM Vision supported Centris in the design and implementation of its modernization. Since their shift to the cloud, Centris has gained efficiency and reduced costs. Paper has been eliminated and processes have all been automated. As a result, up to 60 employees can now connect to the management system everyday and respond to inquiries and hundreds of incoming calls from member brokers.  

  • Shorter call handling times in support centers increase broker satisfaction
  • Electronic invoicing processes significantly reduces delays
  • Significant increase in employee satisfaction and productivity
  • Improving employee retention and customer satisfaction

Watch the Centris transformation story: XRM Vision + Centris

“Our goal from the beginning was to find the right solution and partner that would support us into the future. We have achieved this with XRM Vision, but what we appreciate the most, is working alongside resources that are committed, who get involved with their clients and who understand our business needs very quickly.”- Cezar Nasui, Director of IT Operations and Special Projects at Centris

Next steps

Our team succeeded in achieving the targeted objectives. XRM Vision is now taking the next steps towards the modernisation of Centris. This of course with the collaboration of the Centris team. You can get the complete story of the Centris transformation by reading the full case study.  

Watch the story of Centris' transformation: [embed][/embed] 

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