Mission Transformation : Alexandre Joussier

In this interview, XRM Vision's motivated and resourceful business analyst shares his story about working with a leading software company in the transportation and postal services sector. Check out this interview for Mission Transformation with Alexandre Joussier.

Mission Transformation: the power of the business analyst

For over three years, Alexandre Joussier has built and implemented CRM/XRM solutions for companies in various sectors. This specialist analyzes and documents organizational business processes and needs. He is also active in setting up integration strategies and assisting clients in the approval and deployment phases. His mission? Alexandre Joussier designs every solution to satisfy the clients' business requirements. Next, he verifies the compatibility of each solution with the client's application ecosystem.

5 questions for Alexandre Joussier

1- How do you get the most out of XRM Vision?

Alexandre Joussier– What I like most about XRM Vision is working with highly skilled people. I also value everyone's commitment to quality and a job well done. And finally, the level of trust and recognition that we receive. This is something that helps us to grow and develop our skills within the company.

2- Can you tell us about a Mission Transformation that changed people's lives?

A. J. – Most recently, I was asked to redesign a CRM for a leading software company in transportation and postal services.

Watch the interview video: Mission transformation.

3- What was the issue that this client wanted to modernize?

A. J.– Their overriding concern was their outdated technology, which had maintenance and upgrade issues. The company also wanted to:

  • Position themselves in an increasingly competitive market;
  • Offer their customers increasingly high-quality service.

4- So how did you change your clients’ lives?

A. J.– My colleagues and I set up a CRM to support their sales, marketing and customer service teams. We implemented a portal and reviewed all their internal processes. The first step was analysis, which let us design the solution we wanted to put in place. We built three model-driven applications in the  Power Platform. All three applications are based on Dataverse, a centralized database that lets all three departments - marketing, customer service and sales - work with unified data. Finally, we used SSIS, to transfer all their data from legacy systems to the cloud.

5- How did your project benefit the team?

A. J. – For the company, it's meant increased efficiency and productivity. Harmonizing the interfaces and quicker access to training has really made a difference. Finally, the application maintenance and rollout of new Dynamics 365 applications are now much simpler. Thank you, Alexandre Joussier, for sharing your story with us. Congratulations on your commitment to positive change through technology!

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