Our 5 most popular articles of the year

It is good to look back on the highlights of the past year as 2019 begins. Here is a list of the articles that interested you the most in 2018.

5- 5 Quebec-born companies that achieved a successful digital transformation

If you had to name companies that shine because of their digital strategy, Amazon, Uber or Airbnb would most likely be on your list. Finding examples of Quebec-born companies that shine for the same reasons seems less obvious. Are there also innovation leaders here who have put technology to work for an optimal customer experience?

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4- Full employment in Quebec: The recruitment strategies used by XRM Vision to address the shortage of skilled labour

With unemployment dropping and only being at 6%, the province is seeing its lowest unemployment rate in 30 years. While in 2010, the percentage of unemployed in Quebec was 8%, it fell to 5.6% in 2018. Having reached the threshold of full employment, labour is scarce. Which paths will lead you to finding new talent?

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3- Do you know the maturity level of your CRM?

More than 47% of companies consider their CRM solution implementation to be a failure. Why? Most often, the problem comes from a poorly defined set of objectives for the implementation project. But it is possible to better target them. With the Capability Maturity Model (CMM), you can understand exactly where your business stands and what it needs.  

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2- 5 artificial intelligence applications that will transform your CRM

Several companies are already using new AI-based applications that are radically transforming their capabilities. These applications allow them to perform an in-depth assessment of their customer interactions with a speed that has never been seen before. Find out how some of the most innovative tools can be of use to you.

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1- The 12 criteria that will lead to a successful CRM implementation project

The success or failure of a CRM implementation project is based on a series of fairly simple but often omitted criteria. For the first part of this article, discover the 6 criteria that will lead the implementation of your technological project to success.  

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