When your client works for you and the benefits of having an efficient portal

By Félix Robitaille

Your clients certainly do not enjoy having to call you for the slightest question. Also, a manager, will not reap any benefits by creating a big customer service team just to have them answer the same questions repeatedly.The above statement, demonstrates one of the biggest benefits in creating a self-service client portal which is easy to use and advanced enough to allow your clients to find most of the information they are seeking.You guest it, Dynamics 365 will allow you to swiftly create these components.

A turn key customer service

Customer service is a strenuous activity for many companies. Whether your clients are individuals or companies, they will always want and expect to get your support in the business relationship they have with you. All of these similar and accumulating requests that require the same attention all at once, can make the customer service task, a heavy burden to manage. Creating a portal that can be integrated into your CRM solution, will allow you to post an interface which is entirely secure and will hold all the information required by your clients. The provided information includes:

  • The billing history of each client
  • Answers to the most frequently asked questions
  • Giving your clients access to automated request forms
  • A history and follow up on current services requested
  • An appointment module
  • A complete history of interactions, orders and contracts that were made between you and your clients.

Furthermore, the portal will allow your clients to start up new service requests which will automatically be linked to their profile in your CRM. This will allow for more thorough follow ups.By gathering all this information, you will reduce the number of calls that your customer service department needs to manage and will give your clients the chance to resolve their own issues. You will create a more positive client experience and double their satisfaction. 67% of clients have confirmed that they prefer to get a service through this type of portal than having to do it by phone. One of our clients doubled the volume of calls being handled by their customer service team. Part of this success was due to the implementation of a self-service portal.

A simple and efficient deployment

Unlike the days when implementing an efficient client portal meant having to use complex technologies, today’s methods make it easy to create an efficient portal by using the information stored on the cloud. Each of your portal users will be treated as your CRM client and it will provide your clients access to all the elements associated with their CRM profile. Furthermore, this type of portal will integrate your workflow services allowing you to start or continue a dialogue with your current and potential clients directly in the portal. Better yet, these solutions have the same level of security as cloud solutions suites attributed to Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Spend less time managing and more time improving

It is clearly obvious that such a portal has immense benefits for your clients and for your front liner agents. These portals have an even greater importance for your manager. By consolidating your client interactions, it is possible to better understand your clients and allows you to quickly identify the problematics and inefficiencies of your procedures

  • The most though after information are indicators that your clients are lacking understanding.
  • The service requests which are created and filed by order of topic, will allow you to identify the area of your service which lacks performance or the most complex areas of your service supply.
  • All this information will allow you to better understand each of your clients thus allowing your future interactions to better service them.

Most companies reap major benefits from using a self-service client portal. By combining this portal to your CRM, your benefits will triple due to the simplicity of its deployment and the recording of all interactions that happen within this portal. If you currently do not have this solution, I encourage you to evaluate its pertinence with your CRM advisor the next time you should meet with them.