5 articles to help you better understand Power Apps and Power Platform

What is Power Apps? What is Power Platform? What explains the craze for these Microsoft tools? What is so great about them? And how can they help your company substantially? To help you better understand their potential, we have gathered our top 5 articles on these development platforms. Whether you need to quickly build and test business applications or automate your processes, Power Apps and the Power Platform increase your agility while modernizing your organization. Here are the 5 must read articles before using Power Apps and the Power Platform:

1- Learn the basics of Microsoft Power Apps

Power Apps allows you to create new business applications quickly and easily. Take a first look at this development platform that unleashes and accelerates application development. Read the answers to 10 frequently asked questions to find out what you can accomplish with this tool.Read the article: Understanding Microsoft Power Apps in 10 questions

2- See concrete applications of Power Apps

Even by investing in a complete and efficient management system, new business problems could eventually arise. But Power Apps help you stay agile. You can create new business applications in a flash and quickly evolve them to meet your needs. But what kinds of challenges can Power Apps help you with? Here are 4 common problems you can solve with Power Apps.➤ Read the article: Microsoft Power Apps: Top 4 business problems you'll smash

3- Demystify the 4 modules of the Power Platform

What is the Microsoft Power Platform? How does it help you present, automate, and analyze data? In this article, you will read about the 4 tools that make up the Power Platform. See what Power BI, Power Automate, Power Apps and Power Virtual Agent can do for you.  ➤ Read the article: What is the Microsoft Power Platform?

4- Capture the benefits of the Power Platform and Dynamics 365 combo    

How can you maximize the efficiency of your business? How can you generate more revenue? In this article, you will learn more about the advantages of the Power Platform and Microsoft Dynamics 365 duo. You will see how these tools exploit the latest technological advances to deploy the full potential of your organization. ➤ Read the article: Microsoft Power Platform + Dynamics 365: Increase revenues, optimize efficiency, and reduce losses

5- Take your first steps with Power Apps

What if you could learn how to build your business application in one day? That is what we offer with App in a Day, our free one-day workshops. See how this initiative could help your organization quickly build an application with Power Apps.    ➤ Read the article: App in a Day: How to Create Your Application in One Day Without Writing Code Experience?

Finally, we hope these 5 articles will help you get a better understanding of the scope of Power Apps and the Microsoft Power Platform.   Do you have questions about Power Apps or Power Platform? Our experts can answer your questions about the best way of using these tools for your situation. Contact us for more information.