Enhancing Productivity, Operations, and Management Through Automation

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Montréal, QC
12 months
Microsoft Dynamics 365 & Project operations
XRM Vision, in partnership with a leader in the video game industry, transformed game development operations using Dynamics 365 Project Operations. The project integrated essential automation tools to optimize time sheet management, staffing, and expense handling, thereby enhancing efficiency and reducing costs. Through this initiative, XRM Vision not only modernized operational processes but also bolstered the client's ability to effectively manage growth and integrate new elements within its dynamic organization.
The challenge
Le défi
XRM Vision, in partnership with a leader in the video game industry, implemented Dynamics 365 Project Operations to revolutionize game development operations. The client faced challenges including high costs from their outdated time management tool, integration complexities with their ERP, and manual processes that strained administrative resources. Without a more efficient solution, achieving growth objectives and integrating new elements into the organization would be hindered. XRM Vision's solution not only addressed these challenges but also enhanced operational efficiency and scalability for the client.
The solution
La solution
XRM Vision deployed Dynamics 365 Project Operations to precisely align with the client’s requirements, leveraging an agile methodology that prioritized iterative development. The project began with sprints to address immediate needs, followed by the deployment of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and ongoing enhancements. Key phases included refining validation processes for time sheets and expenses, utilizing custom applications to meet unique requirements beyond standard solutions, and integrating data on Azure for streamlined operations. Unique customizations included automated pre-generation and approval of time sheets based on staffing criteria, along with implementing a tailored expense management system with specific rules, ensuring optimal efficiency and compliance.

Business Performance

The project demonstrated XRM Vision's excellence in business performance and capability in delivering intelligent automation solutions. By integrating Project Operations, XRM Vision enabled significant time savings for the finance team through the automation of time sheets and expense reports. Notifications via Teams for approving or rejecting expenses improved process fluidity, while data centralization reduced manual interventions and increased transparency.

Customer Transformation & Success

The client's transformation is a testament to the profound impact of XRM Vision's solution. By automating time sheet reminders, approvals, and staffing assignments, XRM Vision eliminated manual bottlenecks, freeing project managers from time-consuming tasks. Automated expense management rules significantly reduced the administrative load on accounting teams, enhancing security, tracking, and accountability. This automation saved countless hours weekly, translating into efficiency gains for 1500 employees and marking a successful first step in the client's IT modernization journey.


The collaboration between XRM Vision and the client, centered around the implementation of Project Operations, significantly revolutionized the organization's operational framework, notably in efficiency, security, and administrative workload reduction. This strategic initiative was pivotal in addressing the growing pains associated with the client’s rapid expansion and subsequent technological modernization.

Efficiency Gains

The automation of time sheets and staffing assignments heralded a new era of operational efficiency. Before XRM Vision's intervention, project managers were ensnared in the time-consuming manual approval of time sheets, a process exacerbated by last-minute submissions. By establishing automated reminders for time sheet completion and instituting rules for auto-acceptance or flagging based on predefined criteria, Project Operations significantly streamlined these processes. Scaling this automation across 1500 employees eradicated the inefficiencies and frustrations associated with manual handling. Similarly, project staffing became vastly more efficient, with Project Operations facilitating automatic bookings, adapting seamlessly to the project-focused nature of the video game industry.

The implementation of Project Operations has revolutionized the client's workflows, streamlining data flow across Microsoft platforms. This integration has enabled dynamic resource allocation, proactive customer service updates, efficient inventory management, and improved decision-making through real-time analytics.

Enhanced Security and Accountability

Transitioning from Excel to Project Operations for expense management represented a monumental leap in security and accountability. This shift introduced a robust framework for tracking expenses and managing approval levels, equipped with the capability to auto-accept or refuse expense submissions based on predefined rules. This not only alleviated the considerable burden on the accounting and management teams but also minimized the risk of errors and discrepancies prevalent with manual Excel tracking. The enhanced security protocols and clear audit trails provided by this system have instilled a greater degree of confidence in the integrity of the client's financial processes.

Reduction of Administrative Burdens

One of the most notable impacts of XRM Vision's implementation was the significant reduction in administrative burdens associated with time sheet and expense management for a workforce of 1500 employees. Automating these processes freed up countless hours that project managers and accounting staff previously spent on manual verifications and approvals. This liberation from administrative tasks allowed staff to redirect their focus toward more strategic activities, thereby enhancing productivity and fostering a more innovative work environment.

Driving Operational Transformation

XRM Vision's work with the client underscores their leadership in intelligent automation and the broader applicability and potential of their solutions. Through the strategic use of Dynamics 365 Project Operations, their growing team delivered a customized, efficient, and transformative solution that supports the client's ongoing IT modernization.

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Robust automation of key processes
Significant cost and administrative burden reduction
Enhanced integration and operational efficiency
Strategic use of Microsoft technologies for innovation