Leading Aircraft Manufacturer Optimizes Quality Assurance Process

6 months
Power Platform, Microsoft Teams, Chat Bots
Desktop, Tablet & Mobile
On this project, XRM Vision collaborated with an international airplane manufacturer in need of a major overhaul to their quality control sector's call system. Quality assurance productivity was negatively impacted by an outdated system that failed to fairly distribute assignments and maintain awareness across teams. We saw an opportunity to improve their processes by developing an automated ticket management application that could improve productivity and allow inspectors to do their jobs more effectively.
The challenge
Le défi
At this company, there was no easy way to see a global overview of tickets and call times, making it difficult to identify areas for improvement. With an outdated call system that treated every building separately, it was possible to have 12 hour wait times in one building, while a building right next door had 3 inspectors standing around. Productivity was suffering, and business insights were inadequate, making reporting and management difficult.
The solution
La solution
Leveraging the power of Microsoft Teams and Power Automate, XRM Vision created a state-of-the-art call system that helped accelerate calls, improve resource coordination, and ensure all inspectors could complete assignments with confidence. Our solution enabled the creation of custom-built dashboards for managers to view and track key performance indicators, giving them a more accurate view into their operations.

By introducing a comprehensive call dashboard, employees can easily submit inspection requests and leadership can gain insight into ongoing cases.

Quality control inspectors were previously stationed at specific buildings, leaving nearby buildings in need of inspections with no means requesting for a transfer. It was essential to introduce a call system that allowed inspectors to move freely between buildings and equitably assign tickets to available agents to avoid backlogs wherever possible. By working with XRM Vision, this aircraft manufucturer is now able to conveniently submit call tickets through the dashboard, flag for urgency and trust that the call system will assign the right person to the job.

Bringing all the necessary information into one place

Thanks to Power Apps and Teams integration, employees requesting inspection are able to provide more relevant information about the case, attach reference material, and link directly to the aircraft workbooks. This means that inspectors can make more informed decisions and be better prepared when accepting requests, eliminating any guesswork from the process and reducing the overall time on inspections.

The additional information also allows inspectors to deny requests they believe are premature or if critical information is missing from the request. Previously, inspectors might walk to a faraway work site only to discover that the aircraft isn’t ready for inspection, or that the engineers don’t have all the information the inspector needs. Now, inspectors are only dispatched if they are equipped with the tools they need and all the prerequisites have been met, saving time and making inspections smoother overall.

We used the power of hyperautomation to improve productivity and provide clear communication between teams. The dashboards we introduced also provide leadership with a clear view of their operations and increase their scope of visibility.
Rick Bojahra, Director Hyperautomation

XRM Vision further improved communication by utilizing Teams Chat Bot, and made time-consuming tasks and reporting simpler with Microsoft automation

By utilizing Teams Chat Bot & Automation, the organization can stay connected through notifications, without requiring in person conversation. This reduces the time required to keep teams connected and informed. With XRM Vision’s new call system, tickets are submitted through a centralized dashboard and inspectors receive their calls directly in Microsoft Teams. Thanks to Microsoft’s powerful Chat Bot functionalities, this means that inspectors never have to worry about missing a notification again, and can reply to requests directly from the nearest device, whether its a workstation, a tablet, or directly from their mobile device.

Powerful reporting allows leadership valuable insight into their operations and pain points

By centralizing and optimizing the aircraft manufacturing call system, we were able to improve the quantity and quality of data that the management team has access to. We were able to leverage our technology solution to generate rich Power BI reports and interactive dashboards that help managers make accurate and timely decisions. Management is now able to identify broader trends, areas requiring attention, see the details of problem requests, and drill into them to get a closer look.


Taken together, XRM Vision was able to build a solution that centralized and stardardized the aircraft inspection process, leading to reduced idle time, a more intuitive and efficient workflow, and greater visibility into the business.

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Points clés

Take Aways

Significantly reduced Inspector Idle time
Seamlessly integrated all communication, documentation and workbook needs in one place, reducing inspection time
Introduced powerful dashboards for greater visibility
Showcased cutting edge Teams functionality in partnership with the Microsoft Slate Program