Process redesign and cloud migration for the insurance industry

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When one of Canada's largest private risk management, insurance brokerage and consulting firms needed to modernize its operations, it was time to rethink the entire system. XRM Vision helped this company by implementing cloud-based tools and accompanying them in a complete overhaul of their processes. Today, individual spreadsheets have been replaced by a set of powerful, integrated and easily accessible tools that serve both customers and employees.
The challenge
Le défi
Scattered across individual spreadsheets, the company's data was difficult to access and use effectively. In addition to missing information and errors, processing a request took a significant amount of time for both customers and employees. Communication between partners and customers across the country was laborious. The sheer volume of data processed on a daily basis by a financial firm of this size complicated was slowed down by an outdated system that wasn’t able to maintain modern security standards.
The solution
La solution
Once the needs were clear and well established, XRM Vision designed a solution to meet them while thinking about the company's future needs. The move to the cloud allowed XRM Vision to implement new technological structures by integrating systems with each other using the technologies available with Microsoft tools. The data, often kept on individual spreadsheets, could be centralized in several tools that also make it possible to update reports on demand.

Staying competitive with technology partners  

When the entire industry is undergoing a shift, large companies in the industry need to lead the way if they want to stay ahead of the curve. With the financial sector going through a major transformation, this large company needed to implement solutions that would be flexible and maintain their competitive advantage.

This large financial industry company was struggling to communicate its data across the country, both within its team and with partners. It relied on individual spreadsheets to store its information, which made all processes cumbersome and error-prone. The user experience was frustrating for everyone involved. There were also security concerns and it was important to ensure no sensitive data was at risk.

Problems encountered:

—Frustrating user experience for both employees and customers  

—Errors and missing information due to scattered data  

—Unsecured data  

—Long delays and lack of efficiency


The financial sector was going through major transformations and it was necessary to implement solutions that would be flexible and maintain the company's competitive advantage. Systems needed to be simplified through renewed processes and adapted technology integrations. In addition to implementing a cloud infrastructure, we needed to facilitate communications with business partners and customers across Canada. XRM Vision had to rethink the entire user experience, both internal and external, in order to design the new digital platform and the accompanying technological infrastructure.  

Furthermore, a financial company of this magnitude processes unimaginable amounts of data every day. So, it was imperative to ensure that the data would be secure. Every customer and partner's information should never be compromised.  

The needs ranged from implementing cloud-based tools to redesigning processes. It was a matter of moving from individual spreadsheets to integrated tools that would improve the experience of its customers and employees alike.    

The solution had to meet several objectives:  

—Centralize data for a 365 degree view  

—Rethink the entire user experience  

—Facilitate access to data across the country via the cloud  

—Ensure data security  

—Offer flexible tools that can evolve with this fast-paced industry

We put out a call for proposals and XRM Vision came out ahead of the pack. They have a great understanding of the insurance industry and Microsoft technologies. They bring a lot to the table and were able to ask the right questions to target the barriers.
Christopher O’Sullivan, CFO


XRM Vision was able to analyze and grasp the issues that this partner was facing. In a digital shift, XRM Vision is aware that business processes are of great importance. Regardless of the technologies implemented, if the processes are not modernized along with the tools, the full economic potential of the transition cannot be deployed.  

In implementing new tools, the XRM Vision team took the time to review the brokerage firm's processes in order to reduce processing times and produce time savings that will benefit both their employees and their clients.  

XRM Vision's expertise allowed them to meticulously analyze each system through which information was flowing, whether it was human resources, financial data, facilities management or even procurement. This step allowed them to understand how information was used in order to create a system that would improve the user experience, make processes more efficient, add missing functionality, and future-proof the business.

Standardized data for a global view

Centralizing data is often one of the biggest benefits of going digital. But it wasn't just a matter of taking the data and putting it into the new system. It was important to understand the needs of the users who had created the spreadsheets in order to offer them new tools and processes tailored to their specific expectations. This approach not only saves the company time, but also makes adoption simple for the employees that need to use the tools on a day to day basis.

XRM Vision's custom solution

The XRM Vision team has designed a solution that centralizes data in one place. Integrated with the cloud, the solution is accessible from anywhere in the country at any time. Today, both clients and employees across Canada can access up-to-date reports on demand in a very short period of time.

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Improved customer and employee experience
Better relationships with business partners
Increased efficiency and fewer errors
Assured security for sensitive data