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When one of the nation's largest accounting and tax consulting firms is looking for a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution, it's unlikely that the out-of-the-box solution would meet all of their needs. Moving from Microsoft Dynamics CRM with on-premises servers to Microsoft Dynamics 365 in the cloud presents several challenges. But making that transition while implementing new processes to simplify users' jobs requires knowledge that can only be gained through experience. It was therefore necessary to develop a cloud-based solution that would integrate seamlessly with the cloud-based tools that the consulting firm already offers to its clients. The XRM Vision team accompanied this client in the implementation of the new management tool while taking the time to create new tools to help them develop their clientele.
The challenge
Le défi
A leader in its field, this company needed a CRM solution tailored to its needs. They were looking to replace the on-premise Microsoft Dynamics CRM system they were using to manage their turnaround and reorganization services. The system no longer met the agile needs of this industry-leading company. The solution they were looking for had to allow for better management of potential customers and the sales pipeline in a highly competitive sector, while allowing for customer intake via several different channels. XRM Vision was the perfect choice to answer this request and to think about technological solutions that would allow the integration of the software offered by our client to the new CRM that would be implemented.
The solution
La solution
The solution offered by XRM Vision was not simply a matter of moving the customer relationship management (CRM) system to another. It was also about creating a solution that would optimize the collaboration between the Microsoft technologies available to the client. The company's request to move to the cloud was ideal: it allowed all stakeholders to have access to their data at all times. But also this leap to the cloud allowed to meet the highest IT security standards and regulations necessary to manage sensitive data. The tools and processes of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite allowed us to create a solution that connects all sources of potential customers and ensures the highest level of customer service throughout their experience. In addition, this process optimization improves the company's productivity. Finally, in addition to improving the user experience on both sides of the tool, the Microsoft Power BI platform allows the company to analyze all the data acquired by the CRM, whether it is operational, performance or demographic in nature.

Lead tracking and pipeline optimization  

Lead tracking and pipeline optimization are significant challenges for any modern business. After taking the time to fully understand the client's challenges and demands, the team at XRM Vision set out to create a solution that would provide the best experience for not only agents, but also prospects. By using the multiple features of Dynamics 365, we were able to automate lead acquisition from multiple sources. This strategy created a system for pre-qualifying customers leaving the company to communicate with them according to specific and targeted communication strategies.

Analyzing conversations to improve the customer experience    

One of the strongest innovations in this collaboration is based on XRM Vision's expertise in improving the sales process. By gathering customer conversations and other communications and analyzing the collected data, the company now receives detailed information about its customers' needs. This information helps generate customer-specific pricing in real time while providing opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling.

Improve productivity through the cloud

XRM Vision's philosophy is focused on the user experience, for both employees and their customers. It is this constant focus that has allowed us to improve the productivity of the company's employees by simplifying their tasks and operations. We used Dynamics 365 (CRM) and Office 365 tools combined with Integrated Solution Provider (ISV Solutions) tools to create a complete business solution in the cloud. The many Office 365 integrations allowed us to create an agent appointment scheduling system directly in the customer portal and marketing automations were added through ClickDimension. In addition to these tools, XperiDo now allows agents to generate content-rich contracts or communications with a few clicks before receiving electronic signatures provided by a Docusign integration.  

Integrations for humans first  

A pivotal element of this project is the integration of all the tools that ensures that every user, whether internal or external, has an optimal experience at every point in their journey. From the beginning of the project, XRM Vision knew that the most important point for the adoption of these tools would be the simplicity of use and it is this idea that was the creative driver of the realization. This particular concern now allows the consulting firm to accompany its clients through sensitive operations without wasting time while offering services that are up to their expectations.  

Simple and efficient integration thanks to Microsoft tools  

When we think of the productivity tools in the Office 365 suite, Microsoft Dynamics 365 or the tools offered on the Azure platform, we know that our clients' work will be able to be simplified. The XRM Vision team is familiar with these suites and the possible integrations between their tools. From marketing pipeline automation to data management and reporting, we are proud of the innovative integrations that Microsoft tools have allowed us to offer this company.  


Who would complain about a streamlined experience? The XRM Vision team's holistic view of the experience from the customer to the agent to the strategists analyzing the data has improved performance for everyone. By removing friction points, providing tools and integrations that create a seamless experience for all, the solution could only be a winner. Streamlined processes like the ones presented to this client are exactly why the largest companies continue to do business with us.    

Some benefits  

  • Simplified experience for customers and employees;
  • Optimized lead pipeline;
  • New marketing scoring system;
  • Automated communications;
  • Improved lead onboarding process;
  • Data availability;
  • Customized reporting.

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XRM Vision's expertise with Microsoft solutions and cloud environment, in addition to their agile and innovative approach to solution architecture made them the best partner to work with us on this important transition. One of our criteria was to be able to use cloud business solutions to support our own offering.
Vice President, Information Technology at Enterprise

Points clés

Take Aways

Optimized collaboration between Microsoft technologies for the client.
Automated lead acquisition from multiple sources to optimize the lead pipeline​.
Improved productivity through cloud-based solutions and integrations.
Prioritized user experience, ensuring easy tool adoption and efficient service.