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Montréal, QC
3 months
Power Platform, Outlook & Sharepoint
Desktop & Mobile
XRM Vision has enabled one of the country's largest pharmaceutical companies to facilitate access to thousands of their treatments. Thanks to a custom-built platform, this laboratory was able to accelerate the validation system of its marketing department. By digitizing the validation process and centralizing all documents, all the requests and forms necessary for the smooth operation of marketing activities can be processed securely, remotely, and at any time of the day.
The challenge
Le défi
The pharmaceutical industry is governed by several laws and the validation process for a marketing activity is complex. At this pharmaceutical company, the process was even more laborious because it was exclusively paper-based. Validation request forms had to be signed by different stakeholders to gain final authorization. Only a digital transformation could accelerate collaboration between all employees involved. However, previous efforts to transform the company had failed: users had been reluctant to change.
The solution
La solution
XRM Vision designed and built a custom and automated management system that hosts all of the company's new marketing activity requests. The forms are now electronic, remotely accessible, and securely generated automatically by the application. Overall, this solution has digitized the application journey by automating the entire approval process and improving the user experience. With rapid user adoption, this company has gained efficiency and mobility while the number of activities performed has increased.

Automation to speed up the validation process

When patients' access to their treatment depends on getting them to the medical community, acting quickly is crucial. In the pharmaceutical industry, the law requires a meticulous validation process for every new treatment marketing activity. But when that process depends on paper forms, the timelines can become very... very... long. By building an automated management system using Microsoft Power Platform tools, XRM Vision helped a major Canadian pharmaceutical company accelerate the commercialization of its treatments.

Bringing pharmaceuticals to market in Canada: a laborious process  

Every year, pharmaceuticals from a major Canadian company improve the well-being of millions of patients. This pharmaceutical company regularly introduces new, more effective treatments for a variety of health problems.

Of course, being aware of new treatments can make all the difference for some patients. The challenge is that in Canada, it is forbidden to communicate therapeutic indications in direct advertising for any drug. This laboratory therefore has a department dedicated to organizing marketing activities to ensure compliance with current legislation. These events are an opportunity to present new treatments to healthcare professionals, who can prescribe them to patients. However, without an effective management system, the numerous validation procedures required to carry out these events can drag on.

When paper gets in the way of efficiency  

The department dedicated to marketing activities was subject to significant legal responsibilities. But it was facing an even bigger challenge: validation of activities was entirely paper-based. Up to five coordinators were required to complete these forms, which traveled from office to office. In addition to long delays and errors, applications were being misplaced or lost altogether.  

This company needed to eliminate this inefficient exchange of paper documents, which offered no scalability. They also needed to automate the entire approval process and manage it electronically, while ensuring security at every step.

Despite previous attempts to improve the process, the company had been struggling for several years with a user adoption problem among its employees. It had lost count of the number of times it had tried to modernize with new platforms. As business needs grew and demands mounted, the success of future operations was at stake.  


Challenges Encountered:  

— Paper-based system with no scalability

— Long waiting times between each validation step

— Errors and missing information delaying the completion of the proces

— Forms frequently misplaced or lost

— Slower time to market for new pharmaceutical products


This lab was looking for a company that specialized in digital transformation to move away from a paper-based process. It also wanted to find a team that specialized in change management to help employees adapt to the new computerized system. It was important to find a partner that could tailor its approach to the specific business context of the pharmaceutical industry.


— Understand the legal constraints of the pharmaceutical industry

— Respect the deadlines and budget

— Facilitate the team's transition to an automated and electronic system

Thanks to our expertise in the integration of innovative Microsoft technologies, we were able to meet each of our partner's needs.  

Before we could get all the confirmations we needed to hold our commercialization activities, the procedures were very lengthy. It would sometimes take several months before we could get all the forms properly filled out by each of the coordinators. The marketing department for our new products could not keep up with the flow of our innovations. We were unable to get a clear picture of the impact of our marketing activities.

A custom designed automated management system by XRM Vision  

Our team created a custom management system in Power Apps, capable of hosting all new marketing activity requests for this company.  

Paper forms were replaced by automatically generated electronic forms. When submitting a request, the applicant can ensure that all required information is collected and that their documents are stored in the cloud for reviewers to see. Gone are the delays that were once caused by missing information.  

XRM Vision's solution has also digitized the application workflow by automating the entire approval process. Reviewers can view new requests awaiting approval via the application and can check stored documents, then validate or reject the request with one click. As a result, this company has gained efficiency, mobility and increased the number of activities performed.  

It's a flexible solution, designed and tested quickly using the latest Microsoft features. This company is now able to easily adapt to the needs of its team and the changing pharmaceutical industry.  

Features of the new solution

— Fully digitized validation process

— Centralization of documents by storing them in one place

— Integration with the cloud to allow mobility and remote access

— Process automation

— Intuitive application that promotes good user adoption

— Tracking of marketing results made possible

— Flexibility of the new system to evolve with future challenges

Impact of our automated management system for this pharmaceutical company.

User adoption and a shift to the cloud  

One of the most remarkable innovations of this application is that it enabled the transition from paper to digital in just one month. With the approval process now entirely digital, a large portion of employees have become aware of the tangible benefits of cloud computing. Many users, delighted to see their increased efficiency and mobility, are promoting it to their colleagues. They have even begun to think about how to optimize remote collaboration in other ways, and are proposing improvements on their own thanks to their new understanding of the possibilities of the cloud.

Power Platform and the technologies used  

Entirely based on Power Apps, the application also uses other Microsoft technologies. For instance, in order to automate and interconnect actions, our team used Power Automate, another tool from the Power Platform. In addition, the solution uses Sharepoint for document storage and generation and supports full integration with Outlook.


Thanks to the application created by the XRM Vision team, this Canadian company has optimized its marketing activities, helped its employees to be more efficient and reduced its costs. The number of requests generated and approved has already increased by 50%, allowing the company to perform more activities.    

In addition, the digitization of the process now allows requests to be processed remotely, at any time. Thanks to the documents stored online, the company benefits from a centralization of information, improving its monitoring of events and their fallout. Thanks to the automation, the risks of errors and loss of documents are drastically reduced. The scalability of the platform and user adoption allows this partner to project towards continuous process optimization.  


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Take Aways

Enables remote data processing
Reduced authorization times due to automation
Lower risk of error due to document centralization
The company can now track the results of its marketing activities