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XRM Vision worked closely with the staff of a Chicago-based Children’s Hospital to innovate a project database and tracking solution for the research projects conducted by nurses and hospital staff. These research projects done by the nurses at this hospital are a crucial aspect of the work they do, and they needed a system that better enabled them to do . The Project Tracking Solution streamlined and standardized their research processes, and provided visibility to their projects among hospital staff as well as stakeholders.
The challenge
Le défi
Prior to our solution, the research database used by the hospital was virtually non-existent. There was a lack of cohesion in the research procedure and searchability among project types. This opened the door to overlapping research projects, missed opportunities for collaboration, and allowed important work to slip through the cracks without getting the right eyes on it.
The solution
La solution
It was important to develop a solution that worked with the operations of the nurses. XRM Vision collaborated with hospital staff to create a centralized and intuitive platform where research reports can be submitted, feedback can be reviewed, and past and ongoing projects can easily be searched for. The intention of the project was to not only streamline the approval and tracking system for nurses, but also to enable better collaboration and improve communication.

The Medical Research Project Tracker was able to standardize procedures and documentation across a previously fractured project system

A major challenge with the former research system was the lack of consistency and standardization between departments and research areas. Different project types were conducted by several separate teams, all with their own unique perspectives and goals. This led to unwanted differences in research procedures and methodologies that made it difficult to maintain visibility across a wide body of research. In order to achieve the desired project goals, it was necessary to find common ground and build a system that would allow for standardization, while still accomodating the various perspectives of the stakeholders. With the help of hospital staff, our XRM Vision experts were able to build a project management solution that brought a cohesive set of procedures and documentation across several departments for the first time.

By standardizing the research process from initial proposal through to completion, the Research Project Tracker was able to streamline the process and introduce cohesion to a previously fractured system.

The introduction of a comprehensive project dashboard and tracking system simplified the project workflow so hospital staff could focus on important research.

XRM Visions solution introduced two major improvements to centralize the research project tracking process; a way to quickly and effectively search for existing research projects, and an improved method for submitting project proposals.

The search dashboard in the app greatly improved the way nurses and hospital staff could pull and reference research projects. By using key filters and keyword search, hospital staff can now find existing and ongoing projects that cover the subject matter they are searching for. If they discover a project that is still in progress, this opens up an opportunity for collaboration that may have been lost without comprehensive search capabilities. The solution also helps prevent the possibility of duplicate project ideas or projects from unknowingly covering similar subject matter.

The project submission dashboard assists in the management of projects from start to finish. Here nurses can initiate new project proposals, attach documents to their proposal forms, view the status of their proposals, complete progress reports and provide and receive feedback for approved projects. The consolidated submissions system gives nurses an overview of their proposals and increases productivity by streamlining the submission process.

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Our main priority is helping organizations be more successful by creating solutions that work with and not against them. The solution we provided for the nurses and hospital staff to improve their project tracking removed several key roadblocks so they could focus on their research.
— Rick Bojahra, Director Hyper Automation

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