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Microsoft Dynamics 365 & Azure
XRM Vision supported an international charity in transforming the management system of one of its community programs. The Compensatory Work Program, which has humanized fine collection for decades, now provides a superior experience that facilitates collaboration among all involved. Through a new secure, integrated web portal, participants pay off their debt faster, avoiding incarceration.
The challenge
Le défi
The Community Compensatory Work Program, which prevents the incarceration of vulnerable people, was no longer able to manage its cases on time. While thousands of impoverished citizens paid their fines each year by working for a local nonprofit, the outdated management system was delaying their placement. The long processing times and lack of communication were a source of frustration for participants, employees and partner organizations alike.
The solution
La solution
XRM Vision revolutionized the compensatory work program for participants, employees and partner nonprofits. A new secure and integrated web portal was designed with Microsoft Dynamics 365 tools and connects to the cloud. This integrated, secure and agile solution simplifies the laborious sequence of steps leading to the assignment of work opportunities to participants. Since then, the program has been better supporting those who pay back their fines while improving their impact with partner organizations.

A community-based program with modern tools for real social progress

There is strength in long as you can collaborate well. An inadequate management system was the main challenge for a community-based compensatory works program. Run by a charitable organization for more than 30 years, the program empowered participants, prevented the incarceration of poor citizens, promoted social change by supporting nonprofit organizations, and eased the burden of court administration. But management tools complicated processes and undermined joint efforts. This is the story of a revolution through better collaboration.

Collaborating with real-time accessible data and automated communications

Management challenges were slowing down the community offset program.  More than 8,000 cases were processed annually to allow citizens to eliminate their debt by helping host organizations. With so many cases to process, management was complex. However, it was based on a set of inefficient tools: paper documents, Microsoft Access and Excel. With all the manual operations required, staff members were spending a great deal of time validating data without being able to provide quality customer service. This was a source of frustration and resulted in high staff turnover.

This meant improving collaboration among staff, participants and partner agencies. This required addressing processing gaps, reducing administrative costs and employee engagement, and fostering sustainable partnerships with host agencies.

Problems encountered:

— Program inefficiencies (errors, delays, costs)

— Poor customer service (source of anxiety for participants)

— Frustration among staff and high staff turnover

— Lack of transparency of engagement opportunities

— Limited ability to meet the needs of host organizations


This charity wanted to partner with a partner with the necessary expertise in CRM software and workflow automation. Upon arrival, XRM Vision first conducted an in-depth analysis of the organization's business goals, processes, and functional requirements and the program itself.  

Next, XRM Vision's experts sought to address the needs of three constituencies: the charity's staff, the program's participants, and the partner organizations that host them. The new system had to be highly secure, accessible and allow for the seamless exchange of data between staff and host organizations. Most importantly, the solution had to be integrated, secure, easy to use, and scalable to manage the complex process of assigning work opportunities.  


XRM Vision identified the following critical objectives for the solution of this compensatory work program:  

— Improve employee training

— Increase employee retention

— Make participants' progress visible

— Improve customer service for participants and host organizations

A custom-built solution from XRM Vision  

XRM Vision designed an integrated and secure web portal that has completely transformed the management of the community service program. A key component of this success is the visual dashboard. This addition allows for the management of participant timesheets, calculating work hours in real time and automating the communication of updates and reports via email and text messaging.  

This new feature allows for real-time tracking of participants' progress, reduces administrative tasks and improves collaboration between everyone involved. In doing so, XRM Vision has revolutionized this compensatory work program for participants, employees and host organizations alike.  

After our description of the challenges, XRM Vision quickly came back to us with a high-level demonstration regarding the processes. They were able to explain their vision for our support, and they were on scope and on budget. We feel like we have found a true partner. Never in my career have I spoken so highly of a solution like the one we have now. It will revolutionize our program.
Director of Community Initiatives

For Participants

The solution reduces stress and anxiety by expediting placement and debt repayment, as well as matching participants' skills to host organizations' needs.  

For Host Organizations

The new solution reduces administrative errors and improves placement, while helping partners easily provide the information needed to make the program work.  

For Sports and Community Centre Staff

A streamlined dashboard, based on the three key employee profiles and workflows, highlights daily tasks, pushes reminders, and moves cases forward. The implemented solution provides employees with a strong sense of contribution, reducing frustration and turnover.

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Points clés

Take Aways

Wait time for placement reduced from 14 to 8 weeks
Reduced staff turnover by 50
Improved participant placement rates & improved partnership performance by 80 percent
Information is secure, reliable and accessible