Local Tourism Regulator Modernizes Its Data Management System

Montreal, QC
9 months
Microsoft Dynamics 365 
Desktop & Mobile
When a large territory's tourism market is counting on you, last year's data is not enough. XRM Vision is proud to have rebuilt the information management system of a local tourism industry regulator by bringing it to the cloud for the first time with a fully customized solution based on Dynamics 365.
The challenge
Le défi
This organization had a big responsibility: to support the local tourism industry. But it had an even bigger challenge: ensuring successful tourism seasons despite a manual, complex and outdated data management system. This system was no longer able to meet the demands of the market. With the future of future tourism seasons at stake, this organization turned to XRM Vision for a solution. Their team needed a way to automate and streamline each of their data-heavy processes. Likewise, the new platform should make it easy to modify data and add new processes as conditions change, which is common in the hospitality industry.
The solution
La solution
XRM Vision's solution didn't just automate this organization's operations; it made every process virtually error-free. Using Dynamics 365's Business Process Flows feature, XRM Vision applied specific steps and gateways to each of the newly digitized processes. This greatly reduced the risk of forgotten information. In addition, the solution automatically triggers regularly scheduled events, such as hotel recertification and hotel inspection scheduling. For the team, these changes have resulted in significant gains in autonomy and flexibility, ultimately allowing the company to adapt quickly to changes in the regulations governing Airbnb.

Building a data management system to support the tourism industry

When the tourism of an entire region is in your hands, relying on rough data and complex operations is risky. Virtually every hospitality-related business, from hotels and motels to cottages and campgrounds, from bed and breakfasts to Airbnb accommodations, all rely on the same organization for accreditation and accurate representation on tourism websites. They also rely on the same organization for the market intelligence they need to stay competitive. How will such an organization ensure the success of future tourism seasons with an archaic data management system?

Distinct and complex processes...done by hand

This organization had a detailed, prescribed process for each function related to hospitality regulation and licensing. In total, the organization had 27 separate manual processes, from applying a rating to a hotel, to registering the transfer of ownership of a property. Scheduling in-person visits by an inspector from the organization was governed by a separate process, and so on.

The team had to do everything manually, but the complexity of the many processes made this difficult. Operating on an outdated system, the organization's operations were complex. Despite efforts, the team could not keep up with the dynamic nature of the industry.  

Problems encountered:

—Difficulty managing the complex processes unique to each activity

—Errors caused by inaccurate data resulting from manual entry

—Slow completion of processes due to missing data

—Lack of flexibility to adapt processes to changing regulations

—Long training period for employees

How do you automate processes while still being able to change them as needed?

This flagship organization for the tourism industry needed to update the way it operates. It needed to automate and streamline each of these data-heavy processes. In addition, this new system needed to be able to easily change and add new processes as conditions change, which is common in the hospitality industry.  

There was a different process for each of our businesses. It was complicated and training a new employee well took time. And once trained, mistakes and oversights were common. Our efforts were often devoted to making up for delays caused by our system.
Director of Administration


For this organization that oversees businesses in the hospitality sector, it needed to build a brand new system that would allow the team to gain efficiency and better support tourism.

The solution would have to satisfy different criteria:

— Automate and standardize the different processes  

— Maintain the flexibility to adjust to changes in the hotel industry

— Speed up work and facilitate collaboration between employees

XRM Vision's solution

XRM Vision is proud to have helped a local organization modernize to better support the hotel and tourism industry. In doing so, the organization entered the cloud for the first time by adopting a fully customized solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365. Not only has this custom-designed system from XRM Vision automated the organization's operations and processes, but data errors are now much rarer.

With Dynamics 365's Business Process Flows feature, each of the organization's processes is now broken down into specific steps. In effect, this means that a user cannot go beyond a particular step in a process until all the required information has been entered at that step. Since then, the waiting time caused by missing information is greatly reduced.

On the other hand, the XRM Vision solution now triggers events on a regular basis.

XRM Vision's solution has also made it possible to automatically trigger regularly scheduled events, such as hotel re-accreditation and hotel inspection scheduling. This has given the organization an increased level of autonomy.    

Finally, XRM Vision ensured that the solution was flexible, with an emphasis on ease of maintenance. This flexibility allowed the organization to quickly adjust to changing legal requirements. For example, when the government issued new Airbnb regulations just a month after launch, the organization was able to adapt its processes to reflect the new rules without any impact on its original timeline.

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Points clés

Take Aways

80% reduction in required training time for new employees
Accelerated completion of each process through automation
Reduced delays by automatically flagging missing information
Increased reliability of data