Migrating to a centralized CRM solution

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Montréal, QC
6 months
Microsoft Dynamics 365 & Azure
XRM Vision helped a leading real estate software provider modernize the solutions offered to its customers. Through a migration to a centralized CRM solution and cloud integration, this company now presents more accurate data that their team can trust. In doing so, employee productivity and collaboration have been optimized. Today, this real estate technology player is delivering greater value to a more satisfied brokerage customer base.
The challenge
Le défi
At a pivotal point in its growth, a leader in technology solutions for real estate professionals was faced with outdated IT systems. Unchanged for 10 years, these systems were making it difficult to transfer and manage data, and manual data entry was leading to errors. As a result, both staff and brokers had difficulty accessing certain critical information. The team could no longer keep up with the growing needs of clients, leading to tension among colleagues.
The solution
La solution
XRM Vision supported this organization in its migration to a centralized cloud-based virtualization solution. With a customized application framework, the system created by XRM Vision adapts to the company's growing service offering. The framework benefits from an accelerated billing process and a self-service broker portal to support more clients. Integrated with all of the company's offerings and functionality, this overview improves efficiency and employee collaboration.

Real estate technology: strong growth versus an outdated system

This case is about a company specializing in broker services and applications that was experiencing strong growth. However, its outdated IT system was holding it back at a critical stage of its development. As customer demands grew and accumulated, the old management system could no longer deliver. In a decade, it had become frozen in time. How could it be adjusted to this new reality? To meet the growing demand, the company needed a complete view of its business, and they needed it yesterday.

Data reliability is key

Data quality was important to this insurance software provider. Entering and editing member data had previously required redundant manual processes, which jeopardized data reliability.  

From an administrative perspective, employees had to perform time-consuming tasks. The company was facing a significant infrastructure investment to host its data, websites, and key applications, and to provide an overview of its operations. In addition, management and the IT team were also concerned about the operational and data security risks of this aging system.  

Problems encountered

— Frequent data entry errors

— Critical information was missing

— Difficulty sharing data between departments

— Inability to see the entire business

— Data security compromised by this outdated system

— Significant time spent on administrative tasks

How do you preserve the team and performance?

Obviously, managing difficult data increases friction within the team. On the one hand, employees struggle to access key information. On the other hand, they are forced to do data entry instead off ocusing on their customers. As a result, this aging system affects both employee retention and organizational productivity.


For this fast-growing real estate technology company, a new CRM had to meet various needs.

Thus, the transformation should fulfill several objectives:  

— Modify the applicationstructure to adapt it to the company's new realities

— Improve the overview of activities and services offered

— Centralize information to accelerate help desk service

— Reduce time spent on administrative tasks

— Reduce the risk of data entry errors

— Migrate to Microsoft Dynamics365 and make a shift to the cloud

Every day, up to 60 employees access the CRM to respond to requests and calls from hundreds of brokers. The time savings are impressive. Now we can really focus on customer needs.
Director of IT Operations


This company was looking for a partner with the necessary expertise in customer relationship management (CRM) and supply chain management (SCM). Reaching a critical stage in its growth, the organization wanted a partner who could:

— Understand its business and objectives

— Meet its deadlines

— Ensure a smooth transition to the new system

A tailor-made solution created by XRM Vision

XRM Vision enabled a smooth transition to a centralized virtualization solution. As a result, our experts modernized this company’s operations using Microsoft Dynamics 365 technologies and a shift to the cloud. This transformation was deployed over several months, ensuring that time and budget constraints were met.


Having begun its digital transformation in 2017, this real estate technology company has modernized by seamlessly integrating Microsoft Dynamics 365 tools by integrating with Microsoft Azure. As a result, Dynamics 365 CRM Online and NAV securely ensure smooth operations, including marketing, finance and call center management. In addition, the new CRM integrates with all of the company's offerings and functionality. This 365-degree view significantly increases efficiency and optimizes team collaboration.

XRM Vision enables real estate software providers to offer new, modern solutions to customers and increase productivity, efficiency and collaboration. This digital transformation allows them to deliver greater customer value and improve customer satisfaction. Our experts were able to achieve the company's key objectives and maximize the potential of Dynamics 365 for all its business activities.

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Points clés

Take Aways

Significant increase in employee productivity and reduced call times
Digitization of billing processes significantly reducing delays
Improved employee retention and customer satisfaction
Adapted platform to support business growth